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  • Ah ok then. Sorry for the late reply, been pretty busy, but I'll try to keep up with everything for the RP.
    Hey there! I heard you're starting up an RP. Aldrain threw me a sum up and I'm interested in helping out, if you're willing to take me of course.
    Thanks! I'll keep that in mind fer suuur.

    Hm, well, I do enjoy TWEWY roleplays! Pokemon's pretty cool, too, along with Digimon, Avatar, the Last Airbender...
    Just to name, like, a few.
    Anything that I'm familiar with as I said!

    Ahhh, just got hit with a serious bout of nostalgiaaa.
    Roleplays back in the day... we had a lot more going on. 8DD Ah, well, it'll pick up, I know it.
    'fraid I won't be of much help to you guys.

    Original roleplays aren't my cup of tea, unless the plot loosely correlates to something I'm familiar with... if... that makes any sense? orz||
    If I had time? Probably. I've been on this site for quite a while, but I really don't... frequent the whole forums. I just stick to the DM sections. I used to write a lot but the CM section pretty much died. Plus, I'm a senior in HS this year so I have been pretty busy. Lol, why?
    Oh btw, rep was disbanded a while ago. Plus, I wouldn't charge Rep points anyway ;)

    I've seen your name pop-up here and there 'round the roleplaying forums!

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