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  • Did you get your PS3? If you did, you can join the club if you wish to =) Just send a request to join the Kingdom Hearts Fans club, and say that you're from KHInsider.
    I think that I really don't care about rep..... And the word of the day is now bullshit to me too.......
    Huh?! Oh the word of the day right? I'm not completely with it today because I only got 6 hours of sleep.....
    yeah, i'm staying, now you can continue to read my fanfiction. yay! What do you mean you were in a PM on Monday though?
    I'm posting on her, so no i'm not hacked, lol. But seriously, if you've been hacked, tell the Head Admin(Silh) that you've been hacked and have to change your account. And get some anti-virus software, stat
    lol, nope, I didn't even know about it until this morning when I logged on and the problem was already fixed. But dumb things are always happening on KHI, so I wouldn't look into it too much lol. Unless it directly affected you.
    yeah oh well it really isn't that bad. I haven't visited the main page in forever. So not sure what is there anymore. Just bookmark the forums and you can bypass any BS the main page will obtain.
    well people can go directly to the forum to sign up for the forum. I am not sure if you sign up on the main page for stuff there or not, but like I said it is maybe just a joke or some stupid site thinking they are cool trying to mess us up. I don't think it is a problem cause site staff that I seen post doesn't seem to worried about it.
    well if you want to go with what is being said then Hokage did it. But I think it might have been either a site someone here pissed off or a member of the site that doesn't deal with the main page. Hell i forgot we have a main page.
    thank you for being my friend! :D
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