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  • I absolutely hate 360. My own opinion though. I like Wii more, quite frankly. But, yes. With the addition of Trophies, Netflix, Cross Game Chat, a lower price drop, a vast majority of games, and a sweet remodel, they have nothing on PS3 now.
    I know. I found a torrent for almost all of the mixes, but I do not know how to download torrents. I know-fail. XD.
    That would be an awesome mix. I'd play all those all the time. This game is just awesome. I want a Soundtrack of all the mixes.
    We Will Rock You/Robot Rock is. Baby Got Back/Blue (Da Ba Dee) sadly isn't. xD. Sorry for my mistakes there. And I sadly didn't manage to get the DLC. I want it though. Sounds cool.
    It isn't a mix on the game , sadly . I want it as some DLC . XD . I would love to VS sometimes . Always looking for some challenge .
    I can play on Expert , but may I say , I suck . Lol . One star on Boom Boom Pow/Satisfaction is pretty bad . I'm trying to 5* all on Medium for now , and than just practice it out until I can move to Expert .
    I need to talk to someone... I'm holding someone's computer for them and they haven't come back yet....

    So, how are you?
    Naw it's alright, I have some pretty bad songs too lol.

    I got...
    Take Me Out
    Smooth Criminal
    Call Me
    They're Red Hot
    Clint Eastwood
    Yes, very.
    If I get that FC. I am 100% sure, that I will get thousands of views.

    But its to much for me to do. Especially the fast strumming part.

    I've actually been trying to FC Visions Bass.

    TBH, I've been getting -4 the whole time.
    So, I think I'll just put RB aside for now.
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