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  • Omg! Was shrek good. Heres the link.....:
    My Love and the Stalker Chapter 1: Roxas: Meet My Stalker, a Kingdom Hearts fanfic - FanFiction.Net
    I hope you enjoy my story:)
    nyappyo(≧∀≦)oNEW YEAR !!!!!!!!!
    Oh hey, that's an interesting way to type. I'm fine thank you, how are you?
    Hey! I'm alright, though quite tired! Which is unusual considering I only have college from 9 - 11 on Wednesdays. However, we did do quite a lot of changing around for the Italian class and my Spanish oral class went from 10:45 to 11:15, which is 15 minutes longer than normal! But it was alright, since the topic was an "end of 2009" theme, with Christmas-related questions thrown in. Plus, we had my Italian teacher for the oral (she's Mexican) instead of the "I will stare you out and make you extremely nervous" Spanish lady we usually have. :( Got in at about 12, and went right to sleep until 5! I was so tired! How about yourself?
    If you ever call me 'emo' again I will kick you in the ovaries and personally ensure that you will never be able to reproduce.
    Tired, annoyed, in pain and desperately wanting to not have so much college study on my hands. Please don't tell me you're a weeaboo.
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