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  • Maaaaaan it's been so long since I last visited this place as a registered member! I'm quite surprised I still remembered my nickname and password, lol
    Not at all! I totally understand if you're busy and real life stuff should always come first. Especially if it's school. Oh yeah, I heard a KH action figure can cost around a $100 bucks and higher unless it's on sale and you're dying to buy it. :3 The Keyblades are really cool, but I'm afraid to know the cost of some of them. lol. Although, I know people sell them online as well. It's neat how Comic Cons sell other stuff there too.

    I'm glad you're able to make it around the forum okay, Larxy. Still lovin the Larxene avie you're sporting. <3 I also hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving in advance and happen to be doing well.
    Hehe, I saw that 2 and a half month late reply. xD
    May I ask where your avatar is from? It looks very different.
    You're welcome!

    I've never heard of Gamesweek, but it sounds really exciting! Ah, cosplaying as Xion is terrific! (You can buy keyblades from Comic Cons and ect? :O Awesome!) I'm hoping to go to one next year, if Canada has another Comic Con. Its going to be a busy fall season, so next year is my best bet of going to one. Was any of the KH gadgets cheap? Did they sell other stuff there? ouo

    Have you been able to make your way around the forum okay?
    Hey Larxy!

    Thank you for the friend request. =D I hope to get to know you more because, you sound like a really cool person. Have you been to a lot of Comic Cons? I've always wanted to go to one.
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