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  • Well if you need a name I've always liked the name Lance. When it comes to names though I don't have a lot of imagination. And now for our new fight.

    I sat atop my horse, adorned with armor only suitable for the king and his stead. My sword was strapped to my back as always as I heard my army behind me, preparing for the upcoming fight. I looked across the valley to the opposing army and the queen who sat atop her own stead. This was where our conflict would end, here and now. I drew my sword as my men finished getting into place and pointed it over at the queens army. There was a second of silence before we charged, yelling our battle cries as we poured into the valley to meet our enemy.

    I rode at the lead, never one to stand back and watch and the queen charged as well. As our armies collided around us we stayed focused on one another. As we got closer at the last second I jumped off my horse and slashed at hers, taking it ourt from under her and hopefully giving myself an advantage in the fight.

    (Just so you know my characters name here is King Nova.)

    Dawn breaks over the deserted historical city, minus one very famous, very old structure. A lone figure stands in a dead garden in a hole six feet deep. I hadn't slept all night, graves don't dig themselves after all. As I climbed out I looked over at the bundle wrapped in my coat and think back to last night.

    I sifted through the remains of the Eiffel Tower, looking for any remains or any sign that Lecty was around. With the groan of metal and a heave I overturn a large beam and see her body, lying so still yet so serene. I gently reach down and lift her up and after carrying her out I wrap her in my coat.

    "I never actually thought this is how it'd end." I say to her as I carry her through the deserted streats to the garden I had once seen as a child "I kill the one thing that kept me in the this life, I'm so stupid."

    I set her down as I pick up a shovel and start digging. Luckily there's a full moon out tonight, makes it easier to see.

    I lower Lecty's body into the grave, somehow this just seemed right. After another hour of filling the hole I look down at the small mound marking the most important person in my life. I removed my sword from my back and pulled my gun from my holster and set them down on it, just like her I'd leave everything I was here. As I turn to leave I seize up and cough up a large amount of blood.

    "I'll be seeing you in a little while." I say back to the grave and as I leave I touch a tree and whisper something. As I step out into the streets to leave the garden bursts into life, flowers of every color and hue bloom and the tree's spring into life, the one gift I could give her that would actually mean something.

    Seventeen years later

    RING! The bell rang through out school signalling the end of classes for the day. A boy with short brown hair and green eyes wearing the schools uniform rushes out of class. Unlike the other students he wasn't interested in why the Eiffel Tower no longer existed. After grabbing his things he rushes to the front doors, not noticing the blonde inadvertently stepping infront of him. WHUMPH, the two plow into each other, paper flying everywhere.

    "Oh crap!" the boy says quickly sitting up and looking around at all the papers, liuckily everything of his was in hsi bag.

    "Watch where you're going!" The girl snaps trying desperately to sort out the mess.

    The boy drops his bag and begins grabbing the papers too. After getting a good stack he notices the rest are already in the girls hands and reaches his out to her. As she reaches out their hands touch and they look up at each other. They stop and stare curiously, a wave of familiarity and nostalgia washing over them. Another bell ringing brings them out of their trance and the girl grabs the papers and stands up.

    "Sorry about that." the boy says grabbing his bag and standing up "Let me make it up to you. How about coffee?" he puts on his best smile for a reason even he doesn't know.

    "I'm busy." the girl says walking by "But," she stops and they turn to each other "I'll probably be free for dinner. About seven o'clock." she smiles at him and walks off down the hall.

    The boy smiled as he walked out the front doors of the school. He looked around at the beautiful springtime plants and took a deep breath. Somehow, for some reason, everything just felt right, like what should be happening was happening.

    End Epilouge

    Y'know I just thought up the last part on the spot and I just had to add it, it was sooooo sweet. Sorry that this isn't how you wanted it to end. I guess you can blame me for that.

    Go ahead and use our fight however you want, do what you want. I look forward to reading it.

    How about this for our next fight. I'm the King of my own country and you're the Queen of your's. Our army's are fighting over some dispute and it's our final battle, we're meeting in the middle of the battlefield.
    Hey, I was just thinking and I decided I wanna start a completely new fight. We'll call the last one void with no winner or loser. If you're up for the new one I'll give you the details.
    Oh, well dont' worry cause if I can help it I'll never spam.

    Sorry to hear about your schoolwork, but you really are a procrastinator. Well I'm like that so I have no room to talk. Just get back to this whenever you can, I'll be waiting and ready.
    Hey, sorry to double post. I know you post in Eva's story but are you bored here? I was hoping to do another fight, I kinda have the setting all picked out. But if you still wanna fight I'll let you take control of it if you wanna.
    Haha. I'm barely on this any more and if I am it's just to look at some things. I've been slightly busy with finishing off classes for the year and then on holidays soon.
    I block the shot but the force throws me off balance, I fall off the side of the tower. As I fall I unload the last three shots from my gun, the firey birds appear but I have them circle the top, waiting for my command. I load another set of bullets into the barrel, silver in color, then look down to the quickly approaching earth. I stab my sword into the metal but it only cuts it's down as I fall. Finally it hits a thick beam close to the bottom but my sword breaks as I land hard on my side.

    "You're my past, I'm your past." I say as I cough up more blood and stand. I pull the secret blade I had inder my clothes on my back and the blade on it turns dark as I approach the base of the tower "I just want to forget. Forget the pain, forget the loss, forget the dreams I once had. IS THAT SO WRONG!?" I yell up at her.

    I stab my blade into the ground and a large shadow sprouts from it and grabs the four bases of the tower. The birds at the top give a loud scream as they turn and hit the top of the tower where Lecty still is. The moment they impact I use all the strength I have and use the shadows to crush the base. I stare onward as the Eiffel Tower comes crashing down, being reduced to a pile of old rusted metal.

    "Peace . . in the next life." I say, if Lecty's still alive she should deffinently hear me "That'd be nice, but . . . even this hell we're putting each other through. It's pretty enjoyable, spending it with you." I raise my gun to the sky and fire it into the air. As it reaches the clouds the force clears them away and the bullet changes into a long silver dragon. As it comes back down I fire the other five shots and the dragon grows brighter and larger with each one that joins with it. "I know I don't have a right to ask Lecty, but could you just promise me one thing. I want to know you, I want to find you in the next life. I want to know the you that I never could. So . . . would you try to find me too?"

    The dragon hits the pile of old metal. The explosion sends the debris everywhere and blows me back. I land ontop of a building and look around. If Lecty's still alive, chances were getting worse and worse that I wasn't gonna live through this fight.

    (Eh, so long as you're safe, I'm happy. And when you post on our fight I get really happy. Wow, the last one was really epic, you have the creativity of Shakespeare when it comes to what to say. It's kinda like we're Cloud and Sepheroth, I call dibs on being Cloud.)
    I block as Lecty's sword comes at me but the wind blades began cutting my arm and chest. I fall back and with her momentum she falls with me, I lift her up with my feet and kick her over me then stand up.

    "You wonder how things would have turned out if you had never come into her life. Well for one thing she wouldn't be lying a hospital bed right now." I said preping myself "I don't hate you for what happened Lecty, but now I know that as long as you live the other people I care about will be drawn into our fight. And the same is probably true about me." I reach in my pocket and pull out a solid silver pocket watch "I'm sorry about your father, but what happened was his choice."

    I slash my sword and the darkness flies off and cuts through the air at her. She dodges and a large section is cut off and falls off. I feel her come up from behind and block again, the wind blades start cutting. I hold her in place and point my gun, this close I would deffinently feel some of it, and pull the trigger. A firey explosion rocks the tower and I'm sent flying back into the railing.

    "I am bored of the past." I say coughing up a little blood "But I can't escape it either, niether can you. But I wonder sometimes, is there any chance, any way, that if we had met differently we wouldn't be here trying to kill each other right now." I stab my sword into the ground and send more claws at Lecty, as they search I fire into the sky. Another fire bird appears and flies high before falling back and letting gravity carry it as it aimed strait for her.

    (Don't hate yourself on my account. I was just worried about you. When I don't hear from any of you in a week or two I start worrying something bad happened. This doesn't matter as much as your safety.)
    I back up and try to dodge her attacks, but a whip is a tricky weapon. The blade at it's end cuts my left arm, my cheek, just above my right knee, and nearly pierces my heart. As it comes around again I grab the chain and it snakes around my hand, the blade digs into my wrist but I hold it firm.

    "You think I"m cute?" I ask with a smirk, suddenly I dart forward and bind Lecty with her own chain. I hold her from behind so she can't break out "There's a bad kind of sexual tension?" I ask before pulling on the chain and spinning her around to kick her in the stomach, sending her back a few feet.

    I let go of the chain and shake my hand, sending drops of blood over the wall and floor. I reach in my pocket and pull out a set of red glass bullets, fire seemed to move inside them. I load them into my gun and hold it in my left hand, I grip my sword tightly in my right. The etchings on the gun begin to light up and burn red, the blade of my sword turns black and seems to suck the color out of the surrounding air.

    "Regardless of what we feel for each other Lecty, this relationship is at it's end. I guess this is what normal people call a break-up." I point my sword at her "It's too bad though, my sister really liked you. I guess that's why she gave you her necklace." I look at the medalion around Lecty's neck "But enough with the warm up, let's get serious."

    I stab my sword into the wall and a shadow moves from it. It stretches along the wall then turns and travels along the floor until it reaches Lecty. Before she can move black claws reach up and grab her, holding her in place. I point my gun at her and fire, halfway to her the bullet changes into a firey bird and hones in on it's prey.

    ( Well how about we give our fight some history. I already did some of that and I guess we'll figure something out between the two of us. You don't need to apologize, so long as we still fight I'm happy. I look forward to the times when you can get on.)
    It went so-so but oh well. I did the 400 words and that's fine. I have a 500 page book to read by Friday, 1500 - 2000 word essay and a 200 word essay plan due this week. After this week I'm on a one weak break which will be fun.

    Not too sure about giving up on the novel. It's not really inspiration but more perseverance than anything else. I'll probably end up doing both or back to one again. Who knows.
    I have a tutorial presentation for class tomorrow and I haven't even started. It's only 400 words but it's so broad that I have to summarise what I want to present. The last time I ever saw anyone from my high school was last Friday night for my friend's 21st Birthday.

    Seeing as how I have been suffering from lack of motivation and writer's block (even though it can be laziness as well), I gave up on the novel I was writing at the moment. I started looking at a previous work I wrote and just been reading it. It's only 10 pages but it's about a human who is a writer and has writer's block (laziness). He ends up going to Hell with The Devil and becomes a muse/memoir writing to The Devil. At the same time though he begins to go on a strange personal journey consisting of love, drinking, music, the misfortunes he's had in his life and basically a sea change to his life.
    They're always going to be a pain in the ass, haha. Eugh, all those sort of questions sound crappy. How's the weekends been going for yourself?

    I haven't been writing much for the last month and I should've had a lot more written but oh well. Haha.
    Pfft. 250 - 400 is meant to build a mind set and also get it working. Doesn't have to be interesting or not. It's there to help with their writing and creative thinking. Those tests sound like a pain in the ass.

    The result is always the good plus but it's whether I am enjoying it. Not to mention if I'm writing or not. Haha.
    As Lecty pushed me back I withdrew my sword. As she fell I reached out and grabbed her hand then threw her behind me, gravity would not take my victory from me. As she landed behind I drew my gun. BANG! BANG! BANG! BANG! BANG! I emptied the last of my rounds at her and watched.

    "Where did that come from?" I ask myself as well as repeating her question "Who knows, maybe I'm just thinking out loud. Maybe I'm wondering what could have been. But the look on your face, your loss of focus, have you thought of it too?"

    I charge her again, keeping my eyes on the chain whip and pistol, and prepare to attack.

    (By the way I really really like how we're doing our fight now. It's so much funner to write then our last one. Did you like that line And maybe in a different life . . . a lover ? :) Every fight needs a surprise moment, and I thought that up on the fly.)
    That's if I want to be a teacher. I would never give my student book reports. I'd make them write out and research 250 - 400 word articles on whatever the hell they want. It's English after all. I slept in class most of the time. And when the odd student woke me up, I usually wrote and planned some stuff to the novel ideas I wanted. The whole idea and where it's been developed started back when I was in high school. So it's taken me a while but I was also improving my writing and craft. It was going to be a trilogy but now it's going to be a series and it will take me probably a long time before I get it completed, hehe.
    If you ask the guide nicely, maybe he might even write down the whole transcript of what he said. I did some tour guide crap as well but it wasn't so much fun. xD

    Book reports are useless because you have to do to research on something you might not even like doing. I was actually thinking of doing my PhD in a few years time but something to do with book reports might be an interesting thesis, haha. My English teachers didn't like me much because I didn't do any work and all I did was sleep in class or be writing to stories. That's how I got my idea for my novel series and it's just grown and evolved since then. I've been writing to the novel and last word count I checked was 42689 words and I've spent all up writing about in three weeks.
    I smile as I dodge the attack and put distance between us to study her moves. Her missed strike tore a deep gash into the historic metal at her feet. Indeed, her moves and strength hadn't changed but then again, neither had mine. The chain whip was a surprise, but not unexpected, she had always been good with weapons that's what made it fun to fight her.

    " I always did like your sense of location when I came to our fights." I pull out my gun and fire a single bullet then holster it quickly. After the shot I charge agian, I knew she would block it, she was too good to be hit by a single shot, when I was close i flip-twisted over her and landed at her back " It's funny dont' you think? Here we are in a city that's suffered from time while we refuse to bow to it, forever battling, forever hunting one another. You're the closest person to me Lecty, an enemy, a rival, a friend." I grin as I grab the katana with both hands and bring it around with full force "And maybe in a different life . . . a lover."
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