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  • Hooray! Welcome back! There are plenty of RPs here that aren't KH based. All the Original Roleplays for example. There are also FF RPs, and a Soul Eater RP... just look around for a little to find one you like.
    But it's purpose is...um... to eat the grass and be eaten by wolves and stuff. Without it, the ecosystem would crumble!

    I never saw that movie...
    I don't remember most of my dreams, but the ones are do remember are just simply nonsensical. xD No plot, no control...

    :< But they're so cute when they aren't in mafias!

    Oh, so good afternoon, then! It's just about to turn 12 here.
    my nightmares are supremely disturbing so I won't even start on those because I can make a horror novel out of em and make millions (or movies but yeah they're really fucked up). My dreams can be described as the highest state of retardation ever.

    I never trusted rabbits in the first place... > ^ >

    And yeah good morning/afternoon (it's 12:43 PM over here and woke up after being knocked out from sleep)
    O_O Wow... that dream sounds so awesome! Haha, and the dreams of mine that I remember make less sense, anyway~ At least it almost had a happy ending...

    ...That end was messed up, though. :/ Mafia rabbits... now I'm scared of bunnies. :<

    Oh, and good morning! :3
    Well, everything you mentioned depends on your fellow RPers, so I don't know how exactly to help you there. The more experiences ones are the better ones, I think.
    Besides the RP I participate in, I don't really look at many others. I don't know how setting up battle goes, but I've never tried a battle by itself. Maybe you can ask around?

    What are you looking for in an RP? (Yay, friends~)
    Welcome to the forums. If you have any further questions pertaining to the roleplaying section, or you would like to introduce yourself to the roleplaying community, feel free to stop by The Roleplaying Tavern for a pint and a jolly talk.
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