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  • I know how that is. >w> And in this case, yeah, KHI allows special characters, so the "e" in my name is not actually an "e." Looks like one but isn't. So instead it resolves to a dash or something in the url.

    It's the kind of thing I probably wouldn't pull to spare confusion if there was already an "Axel" around, but I haven't seen one so yoink.
    Ahaha, Axel is taken actually! I had to be clever and pull a trick to make this work. It's unfortunate but I can't use it to get something that looks like "Lightning" in turn, the right letters aren't there to make it happen.

    Anyway, yeah I'll pretty much get away with it unless I hit Dual Wielder and that level, ahaha. But I like how it's done around here with those titles. And I agree with you, the original Lightning on here was probably just using the word and not the character. But for all I know there's a crazy scramble for names every time something new gets released, too.
    Heyo, and thanks for the note! I'm still kinda getting into the rhythm of things, as I'm guessin' you are. Find a niche yet?
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