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  • well, to be honest, you tried. and it takes enough will power and courage in itself just to do that. the people there can be pretty harsh and stubborn.
    Hello, i am here to tell you about AN AWESOME NEW FORUM!!!
    We are new and we are looking for members to join. We talk about Megaman, Fire emblem, and all games in General. You should really come and check us out, were awesome. Need help with a game, we are there.


    Thats the link. Please join. You will be appreciated and surrounded by friends. Come and have fun ^_^
    Lol no problem! In fact as soon as I can I'm showing that pic to my family, my two littlest siblings love the show so we are constantly watching it, they would sooooo get a kick out of it!

    In fact as soon as I get onto my normal computer I'm saving that to my pictures XD
    No problem. Me and Aucune haven't gotten along well at all. Every time I see him, he has to say something completely rude about, more often then not, someone's opinion. The first time it was my own, the second it was somebody else, now it was you and me both. *sigh* Is it possible to report mods? Then again, we had the head honcho reaming us for no good reason.

    I'm logging off now. I might see ya tomorrow.
    thanks for the rep. And sorry for how bad that argument got... That was the worst one so far
    I've seen FF5 three times.

    Dance Rawr Dance 1
    Heart Support Tour
    Alive Fest 08.

    at heart support, I almost got mauled by a guy in a transformers helmet. Almost.
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