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    KINGDOM HEARTS Melody of Memory spoiler policy will end on December 13th, 2020.

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  • Well, X and Y have plenty of older Pokemon in them, since they only added 69 new ones this gen. As opposed to the usual 100+. Think of it as a road of discovery, finding out the new ones as you go. :3
    Hmmm... well, for 3DS there's the new Pokemon, if you're interested.:3 Those are usually pretty time-consuming. The new Zelda, and there's Assassins Creed 4 for ps3, those are pretty fun. I'm not sire what kind of stuffs you like. XD,
    Ah I see. Like on a computer? XD Yeah, that's true. The new Zelda just came out, I wish I had a 3DS. :(
    Actually, I was asking what it was. XD; Well, there's the X/X-2 remaster coming soon I think.
    Ah, same. I love night in general, the calm and quietness, the air, definitely more of a night owl =)

    Horror. Loooooove horror movies.

    Favorite holiday?
    I'm mostly just curious to see how it will finally end. I'm not interested enough to buy a whole game when FF13 was never to engaging for me to start with. =]
    I found gameplay better but the story was around the same for me.
    I'll just catch up on youtube haha
    Dont forget infuriating at times in both areas. Dx
    FF13-2 was okay in gameplay terms but the story just didn't grasp me, probably why I dont plan to get Lightning returns.
    lol I know I couldn't get through a second go of FF13. It was not only hard but just so lengthy with not much room to explore for me.
    I was hoping for earlier as well but at least the date is known now. Now just to find things to play till then. xD
    lol I think it will, I see the thread active a bit on it so people still play it a while. They gave a release date for FFX HD finally! TuT
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