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    a'ww thanks lolita, I'm glad you like my works. I'm thinking about making a tutorial video since it may be more easier.(Not sure how that will turn out;) but I may do it either on thursday or friday, whichever date is better. <3
    Taylor is brilliant. :D Yes doesn't she? She makes Jane look better in the movie then the books imo....
    Yayyyy....hey sis, are you still working in the graphics department? :3
    Okies! *goes to add you* :3
    Yayyyyy we need to talk more about it on MSN. XD Very true...I didn't see it for the second time! New Moon is way better...gahh I love Dakota Fanning....and Taylor Lautner.....yes it is. D:
    Okay then for the both of us: LET'S DO THIS THING!!!!!!!!
    Yes it is.....hey are we still sisters? :3
    yayyyy....okay what's your MSN name? I'll add you and let you know if it's me and such.
    Btw do you watch any AMVs or stuff? :D
    Yay I rememberrrr! XD Okay good. I'm spared.......for now. XD LOL. Thanks. Yes we should both work really hard and make each other proud. It was so much better then the first movie! Do you like Twilight? I had to ask since alot of people here on this site hate Twilight. I like it but honestly I'll admit I'm not obsessed with like I wouldn't be the first in line to see the midnight showing or stalk Stephenie Meyer into finishing Midnight Sun. XD

    I see....money doesn't come easily this days...D: And yeah, I need money too for Christmas to get myself a DS so I can buy 358/2 Days and a DS and it depends on my grade too! Ouch! I hope you do well in your classes, good luck with that! :) Mine's on January 3. :D Ooh really? Wow that's like 6 days away from mine! Hopefully that means your a Capricorn too!

    Also do you have MSN? :D
    Nat Nat Channnnnn??..hopefully I remember that nickname! Or was it something else? Gah, I feel bad I keep forgetting your nickname! XD I missed you too. It felt weird not talking to you or some others in awhile. D:

    Hmm...how am I? Mixed actually. I'm happy, blargh, annoyed, and curious all at once! XD A lot actually, college finals is coming up and I have to prep for that, Christmas, and my birthday?yay! Oh and I had issues and stuff going on but it?s being taken care of.

    Let?s see?what else? Thanksgiving was alright, went to my aunt?s, had dinner, and watched amovie. Then the day after that I saw New Moon with two of my friends that I haven?t seen in forever since HS, lol.

    How?ve you been?
    i wanted it for a while, i keep hearing everyone here and IRL how awesome this game is.
    damn my dad never letting me get new games ;_;
    I saw two of the manga volumes at barnes and noble but wanted to study instead. :c I MUST FOCUS.
    Yeah~ :D

    Her soccer playing was so cute ; 3; i just wanted to SQUEEZE HER.
    But yeah. I was kind of pumped for it since Aya Hirano's character is comin' up now.
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