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  • Now, I am going up against Spellican. It's annoying, because I have to fight that Babboon in the box, Wargoyle and Char Crab all over again. Why can't Spellican face me like all the other Dream Eaters, instead of calling up those Dream Eaters I had a hard time beating prior?! Also, I'm level 21 on Sora's story this time. Any help?
    Right now, I'm having a hard time with Char Crab in Monstro. Riku is Level 16 and I've been using Kick Dive like crazy. It's annoying, because that thing where the crab shoots green lasers out of his claws and spins all around the room always seems to knock me out.
    Well, I am now level 14 on Riku and Level 16 on Sora's. I already beat like two worlds, Hunchback of Dutre Dame's world and Tron's. Riku, I have only the Wargoyle.
    I see. are the horns just like, flipping down or something? Maybe use hot glue as you're inserting the wire to hold it in place and also on the bottom of the horn, let that dry as you hold it, then use a bit more on th einside of the headband to hold the wire into place?
    I see. You have a hole poked through the headband for the wire or something? Also are you using hot glue?
    I see... I personally used Model Magic for my own. It's difficult with Tavros horns, I know. Are they hollow?
    Need anymore help with the Ben Nye make up? Do you also know how to make horns and all that?
    Oh right now, I am just watching Pokemon Sinnoh League Victors. Pokemon really drags on, especially the anime and uh, why can't they just use a different protagonist other than Ash Ketchum?
    Well they also have an anime for it, but it's Vampire Knight for the first season than Vampire Knight Guilty for the second and it pretty much ends there.
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