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  • Right? I usually don’t watch the Microsoft conference, but I was soooooo glad I tuned in! I’m glad it’ll be multi platform this time—much as I love it being PS4 exclusive, spreading the wealth is good too
    Likewise! :D It's a bit disappointing that for a series that's been around so long, it's really lacking in the fic department

    Agreed, I think E3 just about killed me lol
    Cool! I'm theasset6 there. And KH3, of course!

    Awesome! Hope you're having a good time :D Aw, and thank you! I didn't really expect anybody to read it, tbh
    Same--I think that's why I forgot to log in here for so long. Not bad, busy as always and counting down the days to January! How about you?
    Hey Lunar! :D How are you? Hope you're doing well!

    In the meantime, I wish you a early Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!
    Glad to hear you're doing alright. Going to do anything fun in particular on your days off? C: I'm doing good, going to be getting my glasses on Monday, and got some home alone time to myself this Labor Day weekend. Life has been alright, eager for fall, and hoping my dogs flea problem gets resolved soon. (We've given them medicine for it, including flea shampoo, so hopefully they'll be back to normal soon.)
    Kay. Last bit of shameless self-advertising; did you see what I put up in the foyer? You get a shout-out! Anyway; night!
    Be nice, you jerk. XD I meant more on the introduction of another Uchiha, because of how much of a Sasuke fanboy you are.
    Just stopping by to let you know I wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in advance, Lunar! =)
    Hey, Mami-fanboy. ;p Just a quick little heads-up; don't worry if Skitty doesn't contact you for a day or so. Her phone ran away, and she's trying to find it, so she'll call you when she does. Until then, she asked me to pass on a goodnight to you. 'Night!
    Happy Halloween! I dressedu p and hung out little my little god sister yesterday, so that was probably the real extent of my halloween fun since I overslept today, haha. But I might be going to a Halloween thing at the mall.

    I hope you're enjoying yourself, too~
    I hope I don't seem like a nag... but when are you gonna update your story? You mentioned that a new chapter was gonna show up on Monday (today, right?) and I've really been looking forward to it~

    Again, sorry if this annoyed you.
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