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  • Oops sorry! It seems my internet has rebelled against me *curses* :/ Yeah it should be a good sora....hopefully, but I don't know how to upload my own photos :( Which ones can you draw? I bet you can draw pickachu! XD
    Yep, worked pretty well! In return I'll consider not hunting you down for your crimes against humanity (ie. human experiments, robots, etc) XD Well it's not finished yet, he's only a head and arm right now lol but I s'pose I could.....
    Well I've finally finished all my studying for this week (a week off for me! Yay!) and my wrist has made a 100% recovery, so in celebration of that and the KH anniversary I've been doodling sora for a bit, forgotten how hard getting proportions right are lol!
    Switzerland eh? Nope, it may have worked before but your chocolate's won't save you now! Lol. Yep, girl's with (slightly modified) poor wrist's need their sleep afterall :(
    Plot? What plot? I don't know what your talking about *hides blueprints*.......Yes It's true everyone has their weaknesses, but mine is only temporary XD For now, I sleep. When I wake, WAR!! *resumes evil cackling*
    The floppy disk won't be there to save you everytime! I'll make sure of it *evil cackle* }:)
    *cough* Hey you've worn me out! Feeling very sleepy XD
    Now hang on a min- *forcefully swallows floppy disk* .....*cough* That does it! Now it's your tur-......hang on, this feels weird......my wrist! It feels better! *starts punching idle scientists* Okay maybe I won't kill you, I'm not promising anything though....
    *stops Johnny's destruction mid-flow* Really? Well that's no fun, *whines* I wanna destroy a master genius! So unfair! *crosses arms*...Wait? A floppy disk? And where do you s'pose your putting that thing?! *prepares missile launcher*
    Tsk excuses excuses. If I can have super speed and be indestructible, why oh why do I still have a limp wrist? No, now I believe my patience has run dry. *shrugs* Ah well, looks like he will be the first to go.
    Hasta la vista Johnny.....
    Prototype?! I know I'm more than just some glossy haired prototype, cos I'm worth it! Still working it out?! Better hurry up y'know, you won't like me when I'm angry.....(hehe)
    Damn right I am! Lol. Fear me and my somehow still faulty wrist!! (clearly not enough technology then) XD
    Thank's :3 I think.....lol. I think i'd be dead though if I was hit by a train or maybe get turned into bionic woman, hopefully it's the latter! XD
    Haha that's true, it's a very effective way of resistance XD Oh nothing major, I fell onto it weirdly and it resulted into a little sprain, which just so happens to be my writing hand. Luck is so not my strong point *sigh*.
    Good to hear my pickachu's didn't manage to brainwash you then XD Hhmm good question, but yeah I think I'm doing pretty good. My poor wrist however is a different matter...
    Yep fun fun fun all the way lol. Was it an end of school exams type thing? They can be a real pain in the butt XD
    The hard kind! XD I've just been working on a "local studio historys" paper, god it's tiring lol and what kind of testing?
    Hiya pokepal! Yeah I'm doing good, minus the fact the amount of essays I've got to do :/ and you?
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