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  • check out my latest experimental photos I posted in Traditional, you might like them xD.
    i know the feel bro, better to see you at least once than not at all though D:
    that gif was extremely difficult to get into.
    I think that'll do. Also, do you think I should just put up the dec thread or extend it longer for more entries or entry?
    I'm on boat just for the brand, and I'd like to be able to say I own/ed one.
    I prefer windows anyday, and that keeping it a hundred bro.
    The presets for these fonts has always sucked :x
    Zapfino all day.
    /i need a mac, fuuuuuu
    check this out.
    Agony Fires Planetary's Verse by ~GrandoiseCanti on deviantART
    ID vs. Drivers License. The Drivers License does more for you lol.

    Weird, I've never had just an ID that wasn't my License.
    Yeah, your getting old man xD. Lucky your younger, I'm about to be 22 in a few days.
    18+ card?

    Yeah, passports in the US are primary forms of ID here.
    Along with a license and Social Security Card.

    and I thought you turned 20 already lol.
    Oh thats right, we just need passports to do all that.
    WAIT. They don't have passports(as primary ID) in AU???
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