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  • Hi. :) I'm doing good, relaxing after the whole Thanksgiving thing. xD Not sure if you celebrate it or not, but it gets really busy.
    okay! some are good... like Cowboy Bebop (i will fight everyone defending the Cowboy Bebop dub to my dying day). i'll go on a hunt for it as soon as i finish Deadman Wonderland, which should be really soon. Utena is one of those animes that i always felt i should watch, but i just never got around to it! plus i don't think it had ever been suggested to me before.
    umm, well the first two came out in theaters in Japan last month. they're playing in small cities in NA soon. no word on when they'll be on DVD just yet. the third one comes out next year in Japan!
    i actually saw a GIF of a scene from Utena being compared with the Shinji/Rei scene in 2.0 where Shinji basically pulls Rei out of the Angel's core. i thought that was super interesting!
    okay i definitely need to watch it. was it ever dubbed, or would you suggest the sub?
    yeah, well, it's definitely getting haremy. especially with every female showing some interest in Shinji, which would never happen...
    ahhh! are you going to watch the Madoka Magica movies? the third one sounds pretty crazy, since it's after the series and it has a completely new plot.
    i feel terrible because i haven't seen Utena. though it looks awesome and i've seen some parallels of it to Eva~
    it sucks. :c i loved Toji, and now we're being drowned by female pilots. Kaworu doesn't even really count due to being an Angel. all i can think of is to give them a reason to maim my poor Asuka. xD and to diminish Toji/Kensuke's roles. Hikari is already virtually non-existent.
    YEAH! i do like her hair style~ it's nice to see one of the girls have her hair in a particular style. Misato with a pony tail was awesome~
    YOU HAVE?! oh man, is it not the Eva of magical girl anime? with a less convoluted ending. also, who is your favorite? :3 (mine are a weird tie between Homura, Mami and Sayaka)
    same. i miss when Toji was a pilot. :c i'd kinda like him to be a pilot again, but without being crushed since Asuka already got fucked up in his place. 2.22 was mind blowing.
    Mari is a cutie and it's nice to see people with poor eye sight being repped in anime~ did youuuuuuu? i have the um, Asuka hair plugs...
    have you seen Puella Magi Madoka Magica by chance?
    exactly! there's no middle ground for Mari... but i'm dying to see her interact with Asuka, specifically. i can't tell if Asuka would hate her guts. i'm a bit worried that there's going to be a couple of new pilots. we're getting new characters and unit 07 hasn't really been discussed by anno.
    nah, kaworu x shinji is going to be all over 3.0
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