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  • Yep. In 11th. My sophomore year was much much better than my freshmen so I ended up fine. You'll be okay :3
    its the weekend so im entitled to no care about getting enough sleep right now

    so how was band camp?
    Oh thats a really good length! I always thought that it was pretty too have hair that long, but I got mad that my hair wouldn't go that long so I cut it haha, and ahhh okay! I'm pretty sure I have a round face too, because it's not long, and my chin isn't very defined lol, I'm so weird. D: I think the contest has ended now though, and I tried to do it friday, but my STUPID-ASS movie maker was being annoying, and wouldn't let me edit anything, so I need to fix it before I can post the video, which suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucks cause idk when the deadline is ;u; I will post it there, even if the contest is over, just so that I can feel the satisfaction of learning the whole dance :D
    IT DOES! Wow, that must be kinda long then! Unless your talking about it going to the floor, then it would be really REALLY really long lol. I want mine to get to the same length as before, and I want my bangs to grow out to be a normal length haha :p Well what type of face shape do you have! I might be able to help, my mom is a hairstylist! Lol that was such a long time ago though! Haha have you uploaded yours yet? I'm going to try to do it tomorrow, because every time I record myself, I see something I'm doing wrong, and then I have to fix it more lol.

    Impatience, we all have it ;-;
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