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  • Idk general mainstream stuff I guess like Jay-Z, Kanye, Big Sean, Frank Ocean, The Weeknd (kind of), Macklemore (I think he counts haha) and probably more I just can't remember.

    I just listen to his other older stuff now from like Sky Sailing and Port Blue and sometimes Swimming with Dolphins.
    Yeah it is! But no haha I listen to really different music now. It varies a ton from like mellow to rap to alternative to instrumental to pop to like all this stuff that I now like that I didn't really listen to before haha. I still listen to some of his older stuff but it's harder for me to get into his new stuff. :/
    Yeah kind of! Well, more like it gave me a list of games I really wanted to play! Like I got an xbox which helps haha and then I have like skyrim, left 4 dead, borderlands, la noire, dead space, the walking dead, like a bunch of games. I haven't played all of them yet but this summer I'm totally going to play more cause I have the time haha
    Ugh gamestop is such a fun place to work :( I worked there for like 7 months until drama happened and i quit :( but pizza could be good! And I've heard that its actually pretty fun from some of my friends so I HOPE THEY CALL YOU
    I know but I do a really shitty job at that haha I might look healthy but damn I am really not it's so bad. And OOH AWESOME what were you thinking of doing?
    Yeah same. I kind of want to stay my same little immature self haha I just don't want to deal with not having freedoms anymore :/ FREEDOM
    and I know I do :( I go to bed waaaaay too late and then wake up too early so it just doesn't end well bleh
    Haha I did fall asleep after that, soooo...
    But I think I've mellowed out alot this year, and grown up a little bit too. ALL THE DRAMATIC SCHOOL CRAP HAS EFFECTED ME AHHHH
    What do you mean I seem tired?
    I am tired cause of my lack of sleep but I didn't know it came off as tired in text haha whoops
    YOU'LL BE FINE. You might think it sucks at first, but then you'll get used to it and know how it works and WILL BE SUCCESSFUL.
    Well that's the reason why it's nerve wracking, because you have no idea what it's like, but then you just get to learn and grow up and then you will be a pro at it eventually! It happens to everyone.
    No it's fine! I just kind of want to put all that stuff behind me so I can learn from it haha. I don't really want to think about it anymore :/

    I worked with him at gamestop, we flirted like all the time and talked and became really good friends so one day we told each other we liked each other and I knew my mom wouldn't approve so I lied to her about it. I didn't really care about the age difference cause he never influenced me to do anything that 22 year olds do but yeah. We had to break up once my mom found out so whatevs. He was way too old for me and I realize that now haha. How has your life been? :)
    Okay well I'll make it as short as I can haha.
    Dated a mormon, fell in love with him, parents and religion broke us up, was angry and upset, dated a 22 year old, lied to my mom, mom found out, broke us up, now I like the mormon again cause he says he doesn't like his religion cause he realizes all the crap that comes with it, but now I just have to wait and see! And so in this waiting period I get to hang out with friends and don't have to worry about drama :)
    Yeah I know! It's been so long :( But I'm going to be back for quite a while now which is good!
    Well I had like a shit-ton of drama happen while I was away from here, but for right now all that poop is over with so I am very happy! :) YAY
    Holy shit. It's shlivershlide. It's been so long since I've talked to you oh my god.

    I don't think you were ever bad or anything like that. In the order rankings, you did great right?? Even though that entire thing was always fail, regardless of how many times it was started over or changed around. Just my opinion of course.
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