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Miki Hikari
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  • Aw, that's so sweet of you to say, Miki. <3 I think of you every time I play on my 3ds.

    I've watched the movie twice too. I'd choose Homura, since I'm mostly like her. I like Mami, because she is much more fun and believes in what she does. I couldn't agree more how awesome it was, especially the art was phenomenal! Do you Madoka will regain her powers from Homura?

    How has Miki been doing? Anything new with her?

    I'd recommend watching Mekakucity Actors for something new in regards to anime. OR if you haven't watched this yet, I'd suggest Beyond the Boundary!

    So are going to dance professionally, Miki?

    Guitars are pretty cool. [Both of my parents play it.]
    Yeah. I think it took awhile for everybody to notice. I still go by KitKat or KK around here. xD It'd be funny if people voted for my username to go back to KitKat.

    ooh, you've seen Madoka Magica! *u* <3 Is Mami your favorite magical girl? Have you seen the Rebellion movie yet?

    I have to keep an eye on dinner, so I'll message you back later, Princess Miki!
    So, you've been keeping up with the manga of Kuroshitsuji? Did you hear about the manga adaption is being made?

    How's Miki been doing?
    Eat any Poptarts?
    What color is her sky?
    How's her weather been?
    Watching any new anime?
    Excited about SSB4? How do you like the new pokemon reveals?
    Listen to any music lately?
    Are you on spring break or anything like that?
    Can miki play an instrument?
    Would Miki consider herself an otaku?
    Has your sister drawn anything cool lately?
    ​Well, you never responded to our Miiverse messages, so I'll just say hi here! Hello Miki. :D
    It's no new character but here's Smash bros news for you. 8D
    Luigi gets a new Final Smash in Super Smash Bros for Wii U and 3DS | ScrewAttack.com
    Its an awesome game!! *u*

    Im sure there are others. xD

    Really? I didnt know that many had been announced. =O
    Nothing really, there's nothing to do where I live. xD Though I have did a clean out of my closet getting rid of old clothes in favor of better fitting new ones.
    And I've been playing inFamous second son lately too.

    Nope, I usually just check the thread here. Not really since I dont know my fave character till I play it. =3
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