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  • WOw. I read tthere getting three more characters in december.
    2 females and 1 male.
    i like the songs Miku sings. She's just awesome.
    haha nope but yet another awesome 1
    Nami sent me lije 100000 O_O

    i love just be friends for some reason
    omg are you serious. Xp
    Fine I'll join. But not right now. I need to catch up in Zombie Loan..
    im not actually suprised that you made an RP though


    ew my text are in pink !!!

    Just saying I'm hooked on VOcaloid now Xp. THeir songs are awesome.
    Mikuo: -Yawns and turns around- Weekends are so boring...
    Miku: -Grins- Deal.
    -Stands up- I should change from this~ Be back~

    I'm hungry... boo.
    But I can't stop loving this Warcraft commercial!
    "I'm Mr. T and I'm a Night-Elf Mohawk!"
    Mikuo: I'm sure you will. -Headshot-
    Miku: -Nods at Rin- Ehehe. Guess you did. owo;;
    -Looks back at Akaito- You should rest. -Worry worry-
    You put
    [youtube ] Embed code [/youtube ]
    without the spaces. Not the url. :3

    Mikuo: -Stifles a chuckle-
    Miku: R-Rin!
    -Looks at Akaito-
    You got hit on the head and got hurt a little. Can you remember anything?
    You should watch it. :v

    Mikuo: -Yaaawns, headshot-
    Miku: N-No, I'm trying to help you. Can you remember anything at all?
    -Smiles encouragingly-
    On the bright side, I LOVE Zombieland. =D

    Mikuo: Yarly. -Nod nod-
    Miku: Eh... I-I'm not a pepper... I'm a Vocaloid, same as you. -Takes off sleeve, then lifts his bangs to see if he has any bump or scratch- Hmn... -Uses sleeve to wipe blood off scratch-
    That's what.
    It's in the thread.

    Mikuo: Not at all. -Looks innocently-
    It was self-defense.
    Miku: Wh-Who am I? I'm Miku! We've known eachother since we were kids! D:
    Did he get a concussion or something...?
    Sigh. I feel horrible...

    Mikuo: -Rubs hands together to get dust off, then sits infront of TV again-
    Don't blame me...
    Miku: -Sits next to Akaito and shakes him gently-
    Akaito-kun! Wakey wakey! D:
    It's kay. I understand. ^^

    Miku: N-Not my thing...
    Mikuo: You were stupid to pick a fight with me!
    -Grabs Akaito's fist and pulls on it, putting his foot on his stomach and flipping him into the wall behind him-
    M-Mikuo! What the hecky!! -Stands up and rushes over to Akaito and the imprint he made on the wall-
    A-Are you alright?
    Miku, thanks to kibamaru18, the RP thread for "Primitive" has been posted.
    Ah. She has to turn it off at night?

    Miku: DD: -Covers eyes with sleeves-
    Mikuo: -Jerks it backs and attempts to continue playing, socked foot in Akaito's face-
    There totally is! That's amazing!
    And she's so cute~
    I thought you said you were leaving soon?
    c: Did'ja change your mind?

    Miku: Mm. You can always change it. -Looks over at screen right as Mikuo gets headshot-
    Eww!! @___@
    Mikuo: Get'cher own! DD< -Leans controller away from Akaito-
    I don't think I had a RinMikuo one... I might of.
    Oh! Wait- now I remember the one!
    And no, I hate GakuRin. xD
    I had a KaitoMiku one, though.
    [And yeah, it just seems to fit for me.]

    Miku: Eto- without the schedule, we wouldn't have any organization and thios would be chaos. ^^
    Mikuo: Mm, well, so does half the world.
    TV: Headshot!

    I'm starting tha roleplay taday. Just s'ya know. owo
    Yus. Mikuo x Rin is THE best Mikuo pairing! Then after it comes MikuoxKaiko~
    Also, most Miku pairings. MikuxKaito, MikuxLen, MikuxGakupo, ect. But mostly Kaito.
    And I adore GakuxLuka. The tsundere is just so adorable.
    And... ah... ah... I dunno! I don't like meiko pairingsa in general, but that's cus she seems more like a "single mom" type to me. xD

    Mikuo: -Falls over and stares at ceiling, then rolls over to the TV and starts playing CoD: MW2-
    Miku: I saw Len-Len the other day, and he was looking for you, too. owo You guys never see eachother. </3
    I blame wonky schedules~
    -Takes a seat on couch with her frills and pink roses of cloth-

    Miku: -Giggles and pets Rin's head- Rin-Rin~
    Mikuo: -Mumbles- It was bullsheet anyway...
    Meee, tooo! I was sooo looking forward to the end of this crappy week. xD
    How long will you be on tonights~?

    Miku: I knows~ Manager-san got it for me for a video I shot earlier~! Uuu. >w<
    Aaah, didn't Rin-Rin get to keep her costumes~?

    Mikuo: Essay... Japanese... thing. I don't even know, but I have to write one...! -Tears piece of paper in half- D<
    Lovely. Just really bored.
    How are ye?

    Miku: -Supah happy, wearing fancy black dress- Eeh~ I love shooting videos~ I get to keep the costumes~
    Mikuo: -Facepalms and continues to work on homework-
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