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  • And what proof is that? Giving you a negative rep even though any other member can do that?
    I just beat them to it.
    Sometimes it's hard to admit when bad things happen.

    It's okay you can tell me.
    This is like facebook, it's a place for friends.
    You don't really pay attention.
    I'm not that kind of staff member. I make content for shit. I can only give infractions.
    ... If you looked around on the forum like I told you, you'd know that the search option and new posts and who's online was taken down to take care of the massive lag we've been having.
    Oh boy.

    Even so, my being staff has nothing to do with that so don't call me corrupt.
    And please stop complaining. The only one who's making you lose rep is you.
    Because it was something a lot more harmless than an infraction which can lead to you getting banned.
    Go ahead. Have fun with more negative rep from people who like me for whatever reason and that I know you hate oh so much.

    I don't even care anymore dude. You're ignoring everything I'm saying nice and just paying attention to my frustration.

    I will say this one more time and not reply to any of your posts:
    I was trying to help.
    Oh my GOD I don't care.

    Good for you. Your parents made you dumb.
    Now please, just shut up and start exploring the site and see how people post and run fanclubs and just post in general. Read all the things you want to know about the site in the FAQ and don't report me again on false charges.
    ... how are you 16 but never got on the internet?

    God. I'm dropping this now. You're wrong, follow the rules now, go in the foyer next time, I don't care.
    1. Opinion and preference in behavior is different from actually doing it. I wasn't trying to do that. I was trying to help so NEXT TIME you won't. And yet you continue.
    2. I don't remember saying that. Don't start making up shit.
    3. ... FAQ has always meant "Frequently Asked Questions" since the beginning of time.
    And you lost rep for reporting someone because you were doing so on retarded and falsely accused charges.

    Read. The. Rules.
    Admit. You're. Wrong.

    Bitch, I didn't do shit.

    Other people are annoyed by the insane posting, too. Not me.

    God you are really pissing me off...
    All I did was give you a negative rep point and then start this retarded fight with you because YOU didn't read the contract when you signed up AND didn't read the FAQ thinking a FORUM wouldn't have rules.

    Just admit you were wrong, go on with life. I was trying to help, trying to be nice.
    I'm not corrupt at all. Even if I was dumb enough to go around to all my friends and say "hey guys. let's go do something that barely matters and negative rep miku." it wouldn't make me corrupt.
    I don't even know who negative repped you as well. It wasn't my fault so stop blaming me for everything.

    All I did was give you a negative point and show Hokage, someone with more power than me because it's my job to report shit like this that goes down on the site we're running, what you were doing and saying. You have no fucking room to accuse me of anything, dear.

    And if I was so CORRUPT, I would have gotten you banned a long while ago, now wouldn't I?
    Click User CP at the top and scroll down.
    I can only do it once like I ALREADY SAID.

    Jesus. Read the goddamn FAQ already.
    And to respond to your last post:
    I didn't TAKE it. I gave you a negative point. You were at 0 right then and my negative point made you go red.
    I'm going to say this one more time:
    You can get your rep back from anyone. Just be patient, post a lot in boards that actually matter, spice up your posts with things that matter. All I see you do is post in fanclubs and that gets you nowhere, really. You don't even have lists of people in your fanclubs on the opening post.

    Is KHI your first forum? You didn't even post in the Foyer to introduce yourself. People give you rep sometimes if you're new to start you off.
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