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  • I did. By saying "please don't post 6 times in a row within 20 minutes".

    And the word "threaten" can be used in this context. Are you sure English is your first language, dear? It's fine if it isn't but I'd really like to know.
    Oh, and if you do get banned, I don't suggest making a new account. Something tells me we'll be able to tell through your new account name if you do anyway.

    Making a new account to get around a ban is another rule that's up on the FAQ.
    Are you threatening me?


    You know, when I gave you the FAQ, I meant read the rest of it as well.
    Asking for rep is against the rules, I'm unable to give you rep twice in a row, and I really don't think you should care about something like that.

    I may not be able to ban you, but just showing someone the message you just gave me on my wall for everyone to see... well, if someone with power and common sense sees that, you can be banned for a while, dear.

    I suggest you just cut it out and listen to me.
    Seriously, I'm asking you:

    How the hell can I knock it into your skull that you were wrong in thinking this place didn't have rules and that the staff are doing their job?
    And also, learn your definitions of trolls and flaming. Honestly.
    Being mean and stern about something doesn't make us a troll or a flamer. It makes us stubborn, yes, but not those.
    Uh, no he wasn't?
    He was telling you to cut it out in his own way which was this:

    If you continue doing what you were doing (posting a bunch of times in a row and spamming) he would ban you for a while. He just added some pimp words in.

    Jeez. Are you really 16? It's surprising me right now.

    Me and Hokage both were telling you to stop.
    How was I abusing power? I was telling you the rules and that you should stop.

    My opinion of you has nothing to do with that. That's just my personality. I'm not letting that affect this. You're refusing to listen.

    If I didn't do it, someone a lot meaner could have come along. And what about Hokage? He told you to stop. Did you say he was abusing HIS power as well?
    Hmm... I'm not sure.

    Maybe if you spoke to one of the administrators (dark blue usernames) about it. Perhaps ask them to establish this as a forum-wide topic so that it may gather the attention it deserved.
    The mods like to be sarcastic.
    You better follow the rules and stay on their good side, or your time here won't be so enjoyable. It's the sad truth.
    Oh no rep what will I do without my precious rep.

    Still, as a new member, before you even made a post, you should have read and kept in mind the FAQ.

    Clearly you didn't do one or both of those, and/or failed to use common sense.
    What you did is still perfectly avoidable and unnecessary, and at numerous times you were told how to rectify and avoid your wrong-doings.

    If you're out of line and don't make any effort to correct yourself then there's no reason you shouldn't be harassed.
    There's a difference between having some fun when someone's bitching and corruption.
    Oh, and side comment:
    If I wanted to actually harass you, I could be saying SOOO many different things. But, I won't. I stayed relevant.

    And I'm not here just to harass people. I've been here for 6 years now. You've been here for a month. I think I'm very nice and friendly if you're on my good side. People on my good side don't call me a troll for trying to help you understand even though you're obviously pissing them off.
    I did warn you. Twice. When you join here you read that little contract about not spamming and being courteous to other members, right?
    :| You clicked that you read that without reading it but if you did, you'd know that it's on there when you join and the FAQ has ALWAYS been there.

    And really? Getting pissy over a rep point? Those things don't matter. It's built entirely on how much people like you.
    *sigh* Just follow the rules for next time.
    I need to get some sleep.
    I am trying to help you... You aren't listening to me. You can help yourself by actually putting some effort into it. It isn't that hard to not post a billion posts in a row and spam.
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