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  • Is that all your playing? =3

    Say whaaaa???? I bet you'd like it. TuT

    Have you been keeping up with any shows lately?
    Hello!!!! Happy Holidays to you too! There a bit late though. xD

    Sweet! Which anime? =D

    I've been meh honestly. =[
    Yeah, my niece is so adorable, my nephew is still a crying poop machine atm lol
    I see you're on Skype a lot. I can show you pictures of them there.

    I got a job recently. Nothing to great (grocery store) but it's a start.

    What convention?
    That's awesome you have goals and the drive to reach them. Keep at it.

    I was going to ask you how your nephew and niece have been, I've actually become an uncle twice this past year, a niece and nephew (niece is one year and my
    nephew 3 months) they are amazing!

    I've been better not going to lie. But things are looking up.
    Get to play that new Korra game yet?

    I dunno, it's hard for me to find school worth anything. xD
    I'd love if she brought that up again. x'D

    Good. =3

    Meh I still think that should be done at school. If they want to build on job cred sent you to actually work at such places.
    Think we'll get one? Zuko and Katara appear more often now.

    Its the easiest method to deal with him. xD

    That sounds very bad either way. D8

    I hate homework. The point of school is to learn at school. If I wanted to learn at home I'd do so. -_-
    I won't be satisfied now without a Lin, Su and Toph scene. ;A;

    I found Seymour rather easy tbh. I just max out the overdrive of all of Yuna's summons and hit him with one after another. He banishes them on his next turn but if they're overdrives are maxed you can use a summon before he does so. >=D

    Viral what? o_0
    School isn't to hard is it? =O
    Hmm 2nd Chance and Once More depend on the shield. If you got rid of the shield you get them last, if you chose the shield you should have both by 70.
    Same for the other two.

    I hope we see more Toph later. It'd be a shame for her to appear only once.

    Fine. I'm nearly recovered from that surgery. Also been working on FFX and Smash.
    Also waiting impatiently for a new RWBY and Korra. xD

    How are you?
    2nd Chance, once more, and leaf bracer. Of course abilities that recharge your mp from damage and such also help but aren't exactly needed. Those first main three always ensure you have one hp and can heal.

    "Those swampbenders can't take a punch" x'D Old Toph is picking on the swamp people too.
    To be honest the only reason I say to go so high as 90 is because the abilities that let you survive fighting them don't come till later unless the shields your first pick. xD

    lawl I can't remember how long it took then but now I can beat KH1 in just a few days. xD

    "I forgot how much I love tormenting the avatar"~ x'D
    If it was beginner then that makes sense. If your playing normal or higher they aren't as easy to topple.

    I ditched the shield back in 02 as well. xD

    Damn right it's true. xD I liked when she told Korra to go hug a tree.
    You beat them at 65? What difficulty?

    Maybe your remembering the level wrong?

    My fave part was her saying she could've destroyed Korra in her prime. x'D
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