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  • Sadly no. I had surgery the day before it aired. Dx
    I've recovered enough though so I'm gonna try to stay up long enough tonight to watch it. =D
    I'd rather the future not be shown. Let me wonder~ I think we'd all love another avatar. TnT
    Hopefully a way that focus' on the current setting. They also said they'd never make something past Aang and look what happened. xD
    I wouldn't like it. I watch such shows and play games because I find our own world very boring. xD
    I hope that theory doesn't happen. It'd be so sad to me if her world ended up like ours. D=
    I still can't believe it's so soon. I don't know whether I should be happy to see Korra or angry that Nick obviously just wants to ditch her. xD
    lol I was more like. *jaw drops* Korra's beast. D8

    Then I'm sure you'll also love this one! =D
    Whaaaaa!? Never got into RWBY!? >/3 ;u;

    I know! The feels, death scenes, this season was all kinds of jaw drop. Them actually showing the Earth Queen be assassinated and blowing up P'li's head was unexpected.
    Always somewhere between 40 & 50.

    Awww why not RWBY?? </3
    What did you think of the Korra finally? =O
    lol I wasn't underleveled, I was in fact the level I always am when I fight him now, what kept getting me was pattern. That dark rush move of his was evil. xD

    So you been able to watch Legend of Korra or RWBY? =3
    Meh I feel fine without them dont you? x'D

    It's almost sad how easy he is now when he was like a freakin brick wall when I was 12. xD
    =O Amazing! I don't know what having an A is like. xD

    It took me forever to beat him too when I was young though now he's my bitch muwhahahahaah~
    Hopefully I will. ;u;

    That's great! Medical field be good field~ Well any type of medical stuff alone doesnt give much free time. ouo'
    I'm fine. Been on a retro trip playing classic megaman. xD Also I apparently have a hernia. ouo'
    How is you? ouo
    If they wouldn't run I wouldn't break the buildings though! x'D

    I'm fine. Trying to track down old gaming loves like Megaman Zx and Zero.
    How is you?
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