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  • yeah, and they said its gonna be the last installment in the series, period, which sucks. but every .hack character looks like they will be in, for i saw kite, and haseo XD!!!
    Hey dude. Finally got back on since like February. I'm pretty good myself, and lol I've been playing some old games too.

    Man, I miss all the DOF members, it was such a great clan.
    I may start playing the RPG sometime soon. It's probably not as good as the one we use to play all the time lol.
    Been ok, school blows as usual, which is why i can almost never get on, so much work!!! yeah, since i know him in rl he was able to let me know he heard from you, and i was like "time to get to work!" lol

    Alot of good memories. alot of people i never would have met joined that clan, and i formed bonds with all of you.

    off topic, have you heard of the last and final .hack game coming out? its called .hack//LINK, and its going to be psp only
    Hey, what's up man? TLK told me you messaged him, and when I heard you still get on sometimes, I decided to send a message saying hi. So how you doin?

    ah, I kinda miss the good ol' days of D.O.F., lol, thinkin bout it brings back memories...
    Yeah I remember you man! Sorry I never get on a hole lot. I have basically quit this place.

    How you been? What you been up to?
    Oh yeah, and Max/souleater says he wants you to PM him sometime.
    Ah, I see :3

    Well I am doing just fine, and it's nice to meet you. I like to write alot, but time is getting short these days ya know? T.T

    What do you like to do?
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