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  • Will Do!

    Well my username, it's Oreo. Haha I was really hungry and decided to make an account with that name. the 12 is there because it used to be the lucky number my first Crush had. And the number two has always appeared a lot throughout my life, weird eh?

    Oh cool, I would love to take part in that. Though I'm not on all the times. I know your 1800 post count wouldn't be spammy because you sound like a person who knows what he's talking about.

    I hope to see you around as well. Good night! <3

    And don't let the bed bugs bite.
    Yay! Yeah I know I'm a great guy, but hey that's what you get when you meet a guy that is a cookie :eek:). I agree with you, you wouldn't believe how many times I wanted to be owner of the club so I can welcome newcomers. But Rich made a better one so I think this one will turn out better.

    Of course you can be in my sig just tell me what color you want and I'll handle the rest.
    Ah, thanks for the friend request. really it should have been I who should have sent you the friend request :eek:)

    It might not be in KH because it's the only Disney movie that was..well slightly inappropiate[and KH is a game slightly for kids :/]. Compared to the others at least. But BBS looks like something for an older audience so we'll see :3
    thanks for the memories!^/////////^

    hearts and then somnus!
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