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  • Yep Millenium Park is the best park to go to for a walk :) and, well there's a lot of places to go to also, like The Shedd Aquarium, The Field Museum, and many others too :)
    I love Good Day. She hit three Octaves. Have you seen her Chicken commercial:
    YouTube - ‪IU - Mexicana Chicken [CF]‬‏
    it's not just packed. let's just say the line has extended to two blocks. imagine that and youll be surprised. but one of the places you should go is to Millenium Park! It's relaxing over there
    They have cheese popcorn, regular salted popcorn, and caramel covered popcorn. And that place get packed EVERYDAY. trust me, when you see that youll be like O_O but when you taste the popcorn, youll be like O.O WANT MOAR!!! :)
    Nooo. Suzy was a good actor. Well not really but she was pretending to be bad cause her characters supposed to be really akwardly trying to be nice. It was god though. Finished yesterday. IU is adorableee.
    oh yeah, you totally should. The foods great, especially if you try Garrett's Popcorn. That's some delicious popcorn right there.
    Same here its some of her best. Have you seen Dream High? Its a newish drama with Suzy from Miss A, Taecyon and Woogung from 2PM, IU, and Eujung from T-ara. Its soo good. Im about to finish it.
    I know I love her. And Dara got her own song too. But yeah. Ive listened to it often enough now to like it. It is pretty good. Dara looks stunning without her usual ugly looking hair.
    You seem to like the same music as me aha. Like any other Korean groups? 2NE1? Wonder Girls?
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