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    rules: no spamming, no camping, no cheating, 4 lives each, now post your crappy template
    check ur pms i challenge your Gary Stu OC to a battle

    we're fighting in Brinstar Depths
    well... regardless, briftw is banned now.

    And I've talked to Bri and I don't really see the similarity. Usually when they have a puppet master account they don't talk to each other and also the puppet account is a lot dumber than the original. Not the other way around. Bri's alright.

    Are you sure your Bryan and his Brian is the same?
    When Brian comes back from summer camp, I'm gonna show him your comment on Sabrina's profile.
    Wow, you get gayer every single fucking day.
    I don't really know what you mean but he wants to block you so yeah. D: Cut it out.

    And it's good I guess. I've been out of high school for a year now so every day is summer for me just with different weather. I hate the heat.
    I already said it in the thread but I just want to make sure you know:

    Don't advertise your fanfics in other peoples' fanfic threads. It's rude.

    Also stop fighting and starting shit with BriFTW. It makes more work for me when I need to delete the off topic posts and fights. Thank you.
    Then he should leave Brian alone and stop stalking him. And you have no idea who Michael is, so get out my business.
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