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  • The original colours suited it much better, I think, but the way you've gone with the second wasn't too bad, either. Just be wary of sharpening, alright?
    Sorry, it's just annoying and once again, a bit odd.

    That tag's rather nice, though. Get rid of the part of the c4d going across her hair, and maybe lighten up the c4d(s) as well, so that it goes with the more washed-out effect, alrighty?
    Ah, thank for pointing it out. Generally it's a good idea to do that in any situation, just to make sure it's known. Even 'spoilers' in captials is something difficult to spot.
    Failing to see the issue here. Upon cursory observation, the last post would seem to be spam. However, this is a thread about the rumours we've had about BBS. Aqua and Terra being the parents of Sora was one of those rumours, regardless of how false it might be now that we know so much.
    waiting for what?
    I'm trying to fibgure out wether I want to get a DS or a new PSP, I'm having KH withdrawals lol and I'm like fdo I buy one for the older game and GBA or do I replace my broken PSP for KH BBS.

    Oh my grandmother moved in, and now it seems like when I get into an arguement or try to ask my stepmmo something and she thinks I'm going to argue they all team up against me because it's her house and they don't take the time to isten and it just irritates me.
    It looks like a cat face to me.... :3

    My parents just divorced. Well, I was gone because I had forgotten my password and because of my parents.
    Sorry it took so long but I had to search through a lot of stuff

    korean noodles (Rhittyaa H.) | MySpace
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