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  • How's it going today? I am just thinking about what I am going to do about college. I have ten minutes between two of my classes and I want to get there on time.
    My Christmas was okay I got some new clothes, games, shoes, a card, a picture of my niece, and a hundred dollars. Anyways, have you read The Key and the Flame: Between the Years?
    I finally got done with my stupid homework. It drove me nuts. But, I am not sure if I will get a good grade with it. My teacher uses a Mac and I use a Windows, so they are pretty hard to send between each other.
    That's true. Jesus said to beware of false prophets. This is probably just some silly phase that's going to pass when 2012 hits.
    Don't know. I think people are crazy when they talk about the world ending. It's terrifying to think if it will actually happen.
    Why yes, yes it does. 8D

    ROFL. xD I get that way sometimes, too. Took me forever to realize what Bwahopl meant, even though I had heard it before.
    Just about every character suffered from lack of development in KH2, so it's no surprise. xD I hope they all develop more as the series progresses, especially with Axel and Saix, and SRK.

    I want to read the manga version now.
    It's possible. I don't think this is the last we've seen of good ol' Xiggy. <3

    H-he's just so awesome that I felt he didn't need to be named. 8D;; /failexcuse
    I think so, too, that he is slowly being expanded upon as time progresses. I cant wait to see what they'll do with him next. <3
    Personally, I'd like to see him be the next major villain. It could really pull his personality out and flaunt it.

    *gasp* It's almost like they ARE brothers. 8D Or two halves of the same whole.
    OOH, I just had an idea. Eraqus hates the darkness and fears it. What if Xigbar/Braig was his darkness manifested in human form? Like Braig is the Vanitas to Eraqus' Ven.

    I think the Keyblades were cookies, anyway. xD They looked like it.
    How's going today? I have some ideas. One has to do about Vanitas possessing Riku's body and sending Riku into his body, because it was of no use to him anymore. And, Riku's heart was ripped from his body and turned into a Heartless. The Organization found Riku's Heartless, Ukrix. But, I need is how does Riku get turned back into human after Kairi is sent to Destiny Islands.

    Lol, yeah that thing called "life" sure has a way of catching up to us doesn't it? I think a lot of people came back after Birth by Sleep. At least the forums are now active again. Most of my old friends from the site have all left for good. It's sort of a bummer. But I'm still here (when school isn't keeping me busy xP).
    Lol! I'm glad I made you feel useful again. xP

    I remember seeing your name around a long time ago. When did you stop being so active? I have to admit though that because college is keeping me so busy, I'm hardly on here myself. xD
    Yeah. Vexen is the creator of a Nobody of Xewn. She has the ability to wield all elements of the Organization and so he tries to get more members into the Organization, so his replica can have more elements. And, Xewn belongs to Dawn Rebirth. Ukrix belongs to me. He is the Nobody of Riku and controls darkness and wields Riku's Soul Eater. Marluxia plans to take over the Organization.
    Can you help me with with some fanfiction? Vexen just got killed off by Larxene and I want to write the story of she pulled it off. The setting is on Castle Oblivion. Any ideas?
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