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  • Xigbar does seem, in his non-existent heart, to care about Roxas, in a fatherly/brotherly way. And you're right, even KH2 shows this relationship. owo

    Family isn't important; but people are LIKE family is, as it means the friendship's strength has been established. c:
    I didn't see how Xigbar treated Sora in the manga. o: What all happened?
    I don't mind hearing your thoughts. xD It's no bother, really.

    Agreed. xD He's my favorite Org member, next to Roxas and Xemnas. He's really a well-done character, not even KH2's bad writing could have screwed him up. You can badly write him, you just can't, he's too awesome for that to happen. =P

    I LOVE the linger. <3 Just makes it more dramatic, like he's musing whenever Ven's name is spoken. Makes him that much more malicious, bad ass, and all around fantastic. He, like Xigbar, is a well-written character.
    All the ice cream looked good, but I gotta admit that her's look pretty good. owo Though I think Ven's looked better (chocolate mouse ears? Can't go wrong!)
    Oh God, DI was the clincher for Terra's voice, just like Final Episode and Blank Points were the clinchers for Aqua's voice. <3 When the chips were down, the actors knew how to whip out their talent. I think those were the moments when I truly started getting used to their voices.
    Xehanort's voice is just PERFECT. owo And it sounds close to the original, too; so much malevolence hidden in the aged rasping whenever he spoke, it was just amazing.
    Mark Hamill was also a perfect choice. 8D He sounds so fatherly, strict but fatherly. I think that's made me tear up when he "died", because it was like Terra's father had just been killed by his son's own hands. It was more than just Master and apprentice, so very much more.

    By the way, I want to apologize for the amount of time it takes for me to reply. I tend to wait a while before replying messages (especially lengthy ones) as I like to give thought on what I want to say before actually saying it. :3
    How come Ludwig von Drake never made an appearance in Kingdom Hearts? Nomura must be missing a lot of Disney Characters like, Mortimore Mouse, Max, P.J., Panchito Pistoles, and Ze (pronounced like Jose, I think) YouTube - Pretty Much Sums Up Disney. Ludwig von Drake's song in the House of Mouse. Wouldn't it be great if Kingdom Hearts went to the House of Mouse?
    Thanks, maybe I am just being paranoid. Just gotta try harder.

    Anyways, who's your favorite Disney Character? (Donald Duck, Goofy, Max Goof, P.J., Pete, Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Panchito Pistoles, Bobby, and etc.)
    Wow, coincidental. xD
    OOH. The OP threw me off on that. ^^; Sorry. I DO agree with the father/son thing; they seem like it, or brothers at the very least. That was one of the things I did like about Days (cause Xigbar's just that awesome :D).

    They're very deep characters. I still get teary when Roxas says, "It looks like my summer vacation is... over." ;_;
    Ah, Roxas, Axel, and Xigbar - the new RAX. xD

    I KNOW! xDD I also loved Braig's reaction to a Keyblade at his throat.
    "At least you didn't steal my heart like Princess Whats-her-name. That would've ruined my week for sure."
    BEST LINE IN THE SCENE. I LOL'd so hard.

    It sounds to me like he does. He just lingers on the V, and he's the only one I've heard in the game do that. xD I first noticed it in the Radiant Garden scene, before he and Aqua faced off.
    She's been the Aqua of Justice since Disney Town, in my opinion. 8D
    Terra's voice was easier to get used to for me. Although they both sounded deadpan at first, Willa's acting skills weren't as good as Jason's, the latter of whom gave a more believable performance imo. I like both now, though. owo
    Eraqus and Xehanort were awesome in even the trailers. <3 While everyone else was throwing a shitfit because they thought MX sounded like 'Kermit', I was fangirling over how perfect he sounded. Whoever made the casting choices for those two deserves a freakin medal.
    Wow, I'm surprised YOU didn't create that thread; I thought for sure you had. o:
    If I was into yaoi, I'd join Xigxas. xD
    I'm still reading the essay, but it's pretty good so far. owo They make an awesome non-romantic pair.

    *hugs back* :,D It's no problem, I meant it. <3
    Wow, really? o: That's pretty awesome. The music is what got me into it. Used to listen to the KH1 ending theme and KH2 opening theme constantly (the latter being my favorite, which is probably why I still hold a fondness for KH2) and play crappy free MMORPGS online and pretend I was playing KH (I didn't get a PS2 until later).
    SoKaiAkuRoku are certainly characters to get sappy over. xD The KH2 ending is just too sweet for SoKai and RokuNami, too. <3

    Yep! Love that scene, it's hilarious. xD Xiggy being PO'd, his bullets bouncing off of MX, MX just being 'w/e' about it. It's hilarious. Then again, most Xigbar/Braig scenes are that awesome.
    Me, too. Billy Zane made him epic in KH1, but Epcar continues to make him epic in games to come. KH3 will be an awesome shining moment for him, I'm sure.

    I KNOW! <33 That's why I made the Terra & Riku Friendship Fanclub. It was WAY too cute of a friendship to pass up. owo
    Vanitas is, he really is. xD Every line gives me tingles. I LOVE how he drags out the name Ventus. "Oh yes. Vvvventus." SWEEEEEET JESUS. <333
    I know! He really must have enjoyed the part; he did so well. xD

    Oh, I know. xD The Aqua of Justice, she was. And I agree, her actress did VERY good in that world; her voice was hard to get used to at first, but I'm almost there, and I'm actually enjoying her voice now (though how she said, "I guess we have to do this the hard way,' still kinda irks me).
    No problem! <3
    I haven't replied to essay posts in a little while, so that'll be a nice change of pace. xD
    Where's the thread again? n_n;

    You deserve the praise, really. c:
    I wish I could get my mother into KH. xD Probably too confusing for her, though. But that's pretty cool, having got your mom into it. owo Even cooler that she got teary over KH1 ending like we did.

    Exactly. <3 I watch it constantly (well, that scene and the scene where Braig gets pissy with MX; that was an lulzy scene).
    Billy Zane was okay... at the time. But it's really hard to imagine him saying Terranort's lines; Richard Epcar just fits it too well, I can't imagine anyone replacing him now. I can't wait to see more of it.

    Oh, I LOVED that scene. <33 Terra's RoP speech was just beautiful. I gotta admit, it put a tear in my eye.
    Vanitas is amazing, he steals every scene, just about. xD HJO does a wonderful job. I wonder if he enjoyed being evil as much as Miyu Irino did. To my memory, part of the reason Vanitas was created in such a way was because Miyu wanted to voice a villain.
    Personally, I find most Deep Space scenes to be memorable, but maybe that's just my fondness for the world and the movie. Stitch's interactions with TAV were all wonderful, though I agree that Aqua's was one of the better ones due to the tenderness and kindness she showed him. It reminded me of the end of the movie, "Does he really have to go?"
    I don't think I've seen the Xigxas board, but I should check it out; it sounds very interesting, and I remember liking your original theory. =)

    Well, you do seem well-respected; haven't seen an unkind word about you, which is saying something here. xD
    I don't know of a lot of people that still get at least teary-eyed at the end of KH1, so it most definitely counts as something. 8D
    Favorite scene? I'd have to say in Final Episode, when Aqua first reaches Radiant Garden and meets Terranort there. I just love how wonderfully animated it is (Terranort looks spectacular, especially around his eyes and expressions; they amaze me everytime), and the acting is wonderful. I love how much Richard Epcar has slipped into his role; he sounds perfect as Xehanort now. Truly dark and malevolent.
    What would your's be? o:
    We haven't really talk-talked. xD Our only major conversation was you giving me advice on how to beat Vexen in RE:CoM. I HAVE seen you on the forums before, though, and I think I remember your first major topic being a theory on Xigbar and Roxas. Can't remember what it was, though. x:

    <3 I'm honored you're honored. I'm glad someone as well-respected as you wants to get to know me. :,D
    And you're right, we do seem to have much in common. owo
    Oh I apologize if I sounded blunt there... I should know that not everyone on here has as much free time as me that they can respond to every and all messages... Aww really?? Me too kind of... All my friends are in college now so they are all pretty busy with everything, so it kind of sucks. =/ Anyways me?? Not that much actually. Just staying up late and eating right. lol xD No school today??
    Hey hey! I haven't talked to you in awhile, or more so you never return my messages, uh anyways lol... How ya been?? =)
    and I'm terribly lazy to read and therefore answer all of the post xDDD I need a good summary xD
    My cat snuck out of my broken glass window. Luckily, she got back in and I am going to tell my mom about it in the morning. But, I might get into trouble, because of the fact that I had my door open.
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