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  • I have seen your avatar before but can't remember it >.< what is it?
    Hmm! If you join this lj community here you can read some of them :3

    Kingdom Hearts Manga - Read Kingdom Hearts Online For Free
    Kingdom Hearts 2 Manga - Read Kingdom Hearts 2 Online For Free
    ^found those on google, idk if they are good copies...
    VM=Visitor Message. Mira el tab arriba.

    Si conozco gente de mexico pero son gente mayor. No tengo muchos amigos hispanos.
    Chilena eh? Todavia vives en Chile? Y si, vivo en los Estados Unidos. Soy Mexicano.

    Feel free to VM me whenever.
    So we don't turn that thread into a chat, let's continue this here:

    Mis papas si hablan espanol. Pero yo solamente hablo espanol con ellos, y nadie mas :/. De que pais eres?

    If you want, feel free to message me. Do you have AIM, Skype, etc etc? It's always nice meeting another Spanish speaker.
    Oh heya june, I've been great :) And you?

    Btw:‪Nichijou 65‬‏ - YouTube
    lol Interesting. xD

    I miss her too! And no, I haven't heard anything from her in quite some time. D:
    And in winter, you can just wear more clothes to keep you warm. In summer, there's not much you can do with clothes to make it cooler. :c
    Because it's much easier to adjust to the cold weather than it is to the hot weather.

    And yeah, I HATE spring. :c

    Autumn FTW~
    I know xD
    but winter at my place isn't bad. In fact, we have lots of sunny days, but cold, and in some part it snow C:
    that's okay, darling! We've all been super busy.
    I'm great, how about you? I finally graduated high school! Going to college in August, eep!
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