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  • Inorite? An Org. XIII theme would just fit so perfectly <3 I'll relay this to jaxx~

    Thanks for your time! Really appreciate it~
    New skins? Yeah, it's a work in progress! Some of the other members were working on creating some skins that Ajaxx tried to implement. Well, the only one we have up so far is Forrest Gump, but if you have any ideas about what type of skins you'd prefer, mind sending them our way? :D

    It started a lot of drama unfortunately so it was removed :c
    Hi! :D

    Haha, sorry for the random message! This is sorta awkward, but tl;dr, I'm going around asking a bunch of random people to try and figure out what kind of stuff they'd like to see here at KHI; things that they'd like to do, what improvements they think can be made, etc.

    Mind if I ask for your input? :3
    We only started enforcing the censor rule late last year. If you don't venture into high traffic areas, nobody will notice xD

    That is fine because it is an image seen in official promotional media
    Also hate to bug you but I could also give you an infraction for the whole "A Fųcktard of Justice" thing since you are bypassing our censors. :\ Mind changing it to something not saying a cuss word right out? Thank you~
    If you mean KH: Short and Honest Version, it's on Fanfiction.net under M.

    If you mean my story, then it will be on FF.net once I'm caught up with my schoolwork.
    I guess they didn't read it.

    I never got the jailbait bit myself , but Chrono called FFX-2 'A Lesbian orgy fantasy' (I like yuri but that's overkill)

    Read the story up til Monstro then you'll see

    Because of butthurt fans who want fucking closure, I got to make my KH/FFXIII-2 x-over end with a almost good note.

    It's post KH3 and Kairi is 17.
    You know haters, don't take time to leatn that.

    Dunno, but Hope gets bashed alot, even older Hope in 13-2. Serah for being a plot device and being a main character in 13-2, Vanille for odd reasons, Rikku for being 'Jailbait' as Chrono Miazaki puts it, and Tidus for odd reasons.

    The story is really bad. Script formal/text speak, overdrawn pop culture refrences, bashing in general, and lazy writer who doesn't update after May (He might be on KHi)
    I feel the same. I dislike Xion, but it's my job as fic writer to either improve her or forget her. Right now I'm feeling a strong Dislike for SoNami especially when the Kairi haters make it sound canon when no pairings.

    It's more hate on Hope, Serah, Vanille, Rikku, and Tidus than others.

    The person doesn't really care about the series, he even wrote a bash fic on it. Ever heard of KH: Short and Honest Version?
    I agree, the hate on a fictional character is stupid, I mean, It's worse for the FF10/13 cast, ATV, but Kairi gets the worse. I meam really, a mispell in her letter, so what? And Kairi isn't a object as one person says.

    BTW, how can someone call themselves a fan if they only like Sora, Riku Repilca, Namine, and Auron and says the other characters are gay and retarded?
    Oh yeah, you were missing during all that. When BBS came out and everyone learn he has to save everyone, the idea of JesuSora came to be. Then Gildragon cosplayed as Jesus and made this picture saying, 'Even God doesn't like Kairi'. As a fellow christan, that's messed up as God loves all his children. The bashing got worse especially with using Feral Choas (Dissidia 012) and beta KH1 Kairi (with becuse of my low vision and no high or low standards, I don't see a problem with that or Kairi in DDD (My avatar). Oh and remember when I said something about Kairi fans being immatare, Smile said that to me and told me to man up.
    dunno, but she only commented at the Kairi HC, Xion FC , and SoNami FC before going offline. She's not taking the Sora FC from me after all that JesuSora stuff and Kairi belating. That's why JesuSora plays a role in my Xion Story where after Kairi fights him, Sora is rewritten, meaning everything he went through in my universe is gone, including being with Kairi. You should read the first chapter, it's one of the pages of the Xion CC. Also, light yuri warning.
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