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  • Welcome back, my old Anti 358/2 Days nemesis! Wait...*notices you are playing 358/2 Days* *notices you joined the Xion Fan club* Da fcuk?

    You're not the Reika I remember :p
    Mine broke randomly at the start of December and I was using my mom's until today, since mine just came back. :D
    Haha, that's what everyone's been saying, that they look very plastic.

    Master Xehanort is the worst offender imo.

    I think the Xemnas scenes turned out well though. His lol-lightsabers look significantly better.
    Well Kairi might appear in DDD since she and Namine will appear in the opening.

    Smile had a Diva moment with the new Moogle Army club and left. After that, I reopened the new Sora FC and now no more JesuSora talk and SoNami babble. I like Namine but Smile forced it down throats. A new member of the Kairi FC has control of the Xion one new, but she does like Kairi so have nothing to worry about.

    But at least I won't have to read Smile's Live journals anymore. Her hate on Nomura, Kairi, and Aqua made me sick.
    Just loads. Ask on the Jump Festa trailer thread and they will get you up to date. Doing fine myself, I have control of the Sora FC now.
    8D But of course it does! It keeps your mind fresh and happy-go-lucky!

    It must be late or something, but it took me a minute or two to think of what the heck SDG meant. :p Wow, I'm so out of it right now. Regardless, you make a very good point there! Most of them, other than the main ones like Roxel and the SRK group lacked in development, and you are so NOT alone! I am disappointed as well! Saix and Axel could have had so much more development, and but of course so could Sora/Roxas/Xigbar as well. The latter one seemed so...in depth in Kingdom Hearts II, that it was like Xigbar was TRYING to suggest something, but didn't. :p

    And yessssssssss. Inorite? The Hallow Bastion scene? That scene is VERY AWESOME and the one where he shuts up is VERY EMOTIONALLY EPIC. Personally, while reading the chapters, just seeing Xigbar's reactions was one of my favorite things. :p And seriously, I'm with you there. Nomura should have added SOMETHING to the game like that, like in one of the Final Mix scenes, have Xigbar suddenly shut up. But no, the final mix scenes with the Organization were NOTHING like the Manga versions of them. So that's why, when writing my Xigxas essay, I loved pulling information from them mostly.

    And personally, I think that the writer did. And whoever wrote Days did as well. Or you know what? MAAAAAYBE Nomura always wanted Roxas and Xigbar to have some subtle relationship, thus why they gave him such a big role in Days, and in Birth By Sleep with Ventus. Maybe Nomura always had that in his mind, but was waiting for the right time to pull it out, and only left us with some slight suggestions in the second game. =D That's what I think at least.

    :O HOW COULD YOU FORGET AXEL?! *giggles* SHAME ON YOU! *wags finger* Tsktsk! :p And good point, I think that...maybe they were just using him as practice, to see if he could go over well, and THEN give him a better role, just as I suggested above. You know, this is why I love Xigbar. He's just so...in depth. XD

    8D Who is? You mean Eraqus? I know! And just to push this...one...tiny bit further...I mean. In Days, Xigbar *WAS* Roxas' teacher in a way, he taught the kid more than Axel did, and with all the missions in Olympus Colosseum, and how he continued to dish out side missions that were based around things to improve Roxas' (And your own) level in the game...and his line about "So, Roxas? Ready to show me all you learned?". It kind of proved it. And who did Eraqus teach and be protective of? 8D Ven. OH LAWL. That would be AWESOME if Nomura did that on perporse.


    But I am probably just looking too far into it. XD So, I'll hush up now. And cookie Keyblades?! >__> I must have missed that, or...given the fact that I only really saw Aqua's ice cream scene. Oh well. Maybe I'll hunt Youtube sometimes and see the scenes. :p AND MARK HAMILL IS. HE SO IS!! And I know! If it wasn't for the scene with Riku, I think THERE I would have fallen in love with Terra. :D

    And hey, don't worry about the late replies. 8D; It's cool.
    *laughs at the length of the posts* Gosh, I love talking to you. 8D;

    And yes, he does. It is a VERY underrated relationship in Days and Kingdom Hearts II. But, I love it all the same. If there is one other relationship other than Roxel (Brotherly Roxas/Axel) that I support. It's Xigxas, bby. And you have a good point, heh. I didn't think about it in that way. And oh! Oh! 8D;

    Let's just say that Xigbar, in Hallow Bastion, spoke quite differently to Sora then he did in the game. He called him "Boy" often, (What I think is HIS version of Kiddo for Sora. Same meaning, different words.), instead of bringing up how Roxas used to look at him he went "You need to practice your moves, boy. Or else he disappeared for nothing." to Sora as he left. Which makes me interested on why he would say something that actually holds a deeper, somewhat more emotional meaning then "Be a good boy now~!" and so on.

    Actually, Xigbar is all together acting different in the manga than the game itself. I mean, once when Saix and Demyx brought up Roxas merging with Sora, there was a single panel that showed Xigbar suddenly falling completely silent. Even though a panel before, he was arguing with Demyx. 8D Hmmmmmmm!!

    And same for me. He's mine, then Roxas, then Axel. :p Heh! Not really different, sides I love Xemnas too. :p AND I AGREE. YES. NOT EVEN KH2's BAD WRITING MESSED HIM UP. In fact, KHII's writing made the final battle 'tween Sora and Xigbar more emotional with the little glances and pauses from Xig. :p Heh!

    ...You know, I never thought of it that way. In a way Vanitas kind of reminds me of an eviler, and younger Xigbar. :eek: NOW I KNOW WHY HE WAS AWESOME TO ME. XD; And personally, I liked hers and Terra's most. Mostly Terra's because it looked like something I would eat. 8D; It looked all yummy and full of caramel!! And I agree, that is what I kept saying throughout my watch of the cut scenes. When they were not emotional, they were "okay" when they got angry, such as Aqua to Van and Terra screaming at Xehanort and so forth...they really NAILED IT!

    And asfsdgdghh. I KNOW. MARK HAMILL = LOVE. YES. LOVE. <3 NOM. And I know right? His death...and just his whole character had this really huge tragedy to it. I felt bad for him, because their relationship seemed sweet. And while Terra did strike him...I recall screaming at Terra afterwards, going "IT WASN'T YOUR FAULT! ;3; IT WAS XEHANORT! YOU DIDN'T DO IT! YOU WERE JUST CONFUSSSSSSSED! D:"

    That whole scene made me sad. :p Darn you Mark Hamill!! The one role that I just want to HUG YOU. (And this may seem off topic, but I always found it funny that Eraqus's scars were like Braig's. Over his left cheek and over his right eye. I always found it kind of cool.)

    ...*laughs* Oh it's just fine! Don't worry about it. :D I take a while to reply as well. I enjoy reading all your thoughts and so forth! You're EXTREMELY fun to talk to, so it's worth the wait!! :D
    :p I know right? Totally AWESOME day that was. And it's okay. I've been meaning to give the creator another new banner for the fan club, I've just been far too lazy to actually do it. And ha! Yeah, I know what you mean. They do act like that towards one another, considering all the fatherly terms Xigbar uses around Roxas "Kiddo, Tiger, Champ, Slugger" :p Etc. The list goes on, bby. The list goes on. And even Roxas acknowledges most of the time, actually seeming to care what Xigbar thinks about him. So yeah. And while I loved Days completely, I think I have to agree with you, Xigbar WAS the reason I liked it. Their relationship just was a breath of fresh air from all the romance and the Roxas/Axel brotherly noms.

    Pffffft. Family is not important in the games---says you Nomura. 8D; Then why did you place all of this stuff in the game, eh? Also. Another thing I've always been thinking of is, while Days was made AFTER Kingdom Hearts II, I still think that Roxas and Xig's relationship was *suppose* to be. Considering how Xigbar treated Sora in game and in the manga. :p But...perhaps another time, I don't want to bother you with my thoughts. :p

    *laughs* Totally with you there! The whole scene just proved Braig's woobiness and his down right HILARITY. That man--he's a genius. :p And his voice actor is a genius. :p But seriously, that line is win. 8D; Poor Braig, he's going to have one ROUGH week in the future. :p

    You're right, I checked the clips I have. There is a linger when he says it. I don't know how, but that just makes him more awesome. :p Rock on Vanitas. And haha! TRUE THAT! (I just adored the ice cream she got. :| Made me hungry.) And yes, true. His WAS easier for me to get used to. I think I actually got used to it when he was on Destiny Islands. That Riku scene made me love it. 8D; AND HAHA!! I KNOW! I JUST FELL ALL OVER XEHANORT'S. IT WAS AWESOME. And well, Mark Hamill is going to be awesome anyway. :D :D :D
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