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  • Finally! You must feel a rush of relief and joy for your friends!

    I keep missing these golden ages of theorizing, apparently. It's sad, it feels like the community would be more alive and full if there was active theorizing about the series to be done. Maybe the saga after KH3 sill revive that for all of us.

    True, true. Tomorrow for sure! As long I get back to the dorm before their office hours end or whatever.

    With your master of darkness and my mastery of light, we can be as powerful as that combination more than Sora and Riku had in 3D, hehe

    I just hope it's at least better than KH2, where Namine disappeared until the final world, and then disappeared again, for example. It's "Sora's game", so the main focus will be on Sora, but there are too many characters to justify the entire focus being Sora the whole way through, especially since this isn't just Sora's fight or Sora's story anymore. Xehanort has changed so many lives. It's only fair that other people, especially those with a higher stake in this, get to have their time to shine, too.

    My mom is always saying that, too. Her logic is that in the cold, you can always just put on more clothes or blankets, but you can't just keep taking stuff off in the heat.
    That's the reason a few members have expressed displeasure with the way that Nomura just answers questions in the Ultimania that the games left unanswered. It kills the drive to theorize, they say. Disney would be against a dark ending, but even Disney has had movies with dark beginnings or middles, so long as the ending is happy.

    T^T It's going to be suuuuch a pain, though.

    And we'll make sure that no letters in a bottle or doors to light are able to let them return! They'll wander for eternity until the darkness swallows them up!

    Ah, good point.... That's so sad. Since KH has so many characters, and it can't focus well on a lot of characters at once, you end up with a lot of wasted potential. It's sad, but no matter ho they structure KH3, they won't do all the characters justice, and that's even excluding the more one-note characters from Organization XIII. Roxas was in KH3D's opening, so even if they don't make him a Guardian, I feel like they'll do something with him, although I have no idea as to what that may be. Oh, I couldn't agree more on Kairi! Every time it feels like they're trying to build her up, they end up not following through at all! It's ridiculous! >3< Since Aqua's "the light in the darkness that leads to the last key," I hope she and Kairi do some bonding. I don't think that Kairi can quite mimic Aqua's style, since Kairi hasn't been shown to be that graceful, but I'm hoping we get something from her that makes her shine. Unique skill sets for Sora, Riku, and Kairi would be neat, especially if they're all playable. I don't know if anyone will be able to tap into light with the same mastery that Roxas showed, though.

    Well then. I'm not sure I could use a weapon like that myself. I'd get cold xd
    Some things are better left ambiguous for story telling purposes. Because sometimes no matter what you show to clear up an initially mysterious situation, it'll never be as grand as what an audience could imagine, so little holes (not plot holes) left for the audience to fill in reasonably can help keep up interest in a series. That's what I think, at least. I'm not exactly a writer though, hahah.

    I was going to do it today, but I put it off too late. Maybe I'll call tomorrrow...

    Now we can get back to doing what we do every night, Pandy. *light strikes* TRY TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD.

    Since Riku's arc is done now, and they haven't really suggested any particular direction to go for an arc for Sora, maybe a focused arc for Roxas would be good. He's got good depth and conflict as it is, so he could have one just as intriguing if not more so than Riku did. (I'm still holding out hope for a Kairi arc, but still). It'd be nice if they did anything to let Namine be an autonomous person that expressed wishes and desires and feelings and didn't act for the sake of exposition. She really hinted at some personal struggles in CoM, it'd be nice to see if she still has those insecurities or if what she's been through has actually shifted her focus more to helping people. (Although considering she helps people because she seems to feel the need to atone for what she did in CoM even though she was being forced to, I'm guessing she still has personal issues like Roxas does.) For all I say about Coded, Data Roxas and Data Namine were certainly interesting looks into their characters.

    But, when the suit transforms into a weapon, are you left in your underwear?
    And the LR ending made it wronger. I raged too... Kill the Goddess, and I'm okay with it, but kill Serah and diddly 'em.
    I can see why, I don't ship it myself but they were the only two to have actual development, other than Yeul and Noel and Serah and Snow.
    And she thinks her situations through as seen in the second game. I think they said she was a straight A student, too, who is a whiz with history.
    Yeah, because people saw her as a damsel in distress in the first game....... She's better than half of the six combined in XIII.
    Yes it did, the battle system seemed to approve over FFXIII. I must be the only person who loves Serah Farron, since many people see her as a moron o__o
    I remember beating Yunalesca on my FIRST TRY. MY FIRST FREAKIN' TRY IN THE ENTIRE GAME, FIRST TRYYYYYYYYYYYYYY. I didn't know why people called her hard, she was pretty easy.
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