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  • 1.dusk and leon are aligned with darkloid rebellion, balus is alligned with the main darkloid faction, flourence and rael are void's fist
    2. yes, the four of them are in the same area
    3. the above ground forces are led by leon, the underground forces (the main hoard) are led by balus (at least until someone makes an archlord temp, then they'll mave multiple leaders)
    4.yes, an attack would give a story boost so go ahead
    5. fine with me
    No, I parked it, THEN got drunk!

    Whatever happens is gonna happen, although, the monster can't tip motor vehicles, can it?
    Okay, I'll be awaiting your update LIKE MY DOOM YOU BASTARD YOU KILLED ME

    Or did you?
    Yep I agree well this time we will set it to what some good stories do start with a small plot, reveal that the real villian was apart of the hero's group and then total battle royale lol. Well something to that effect but if your up to it we can chit chat ideas and then start setting up a foundation to the story itself lol.
    Oh yugioh... very addictive back then for sure I still have all my cards. Well a collaborate is likely to receiving more attention also especially with my name lol, Uk maybe o.o.. but I know a lot of rpers currently interested in monster rps .
    What kinda cards out of curiosity? Not much work dream drop distance, and sleep lol. Hey if I was willing to help would you be willing to try that monster apocalypse story from long ago... I don't know why but I think that could go way farther then it did.
    But..... I need to talk to you and SB talk is easier. And E, Iggy, Val, Tori, Zal, Kai, Kain, Dream, and Kershy really miss you. And I do too. Blade and Shino even miss you sometimes. And Roy especially. >_o You ragequit over something so trivial. ;-;
    Yo bro, get on KG plz. We miss you ;-; (Everybody but Dix+Jizz, Blade, and Dino that is, but they're all poop squibs) Also, I have something to talk to you aboot.
    Oh, I’m sorry! I wasn’t sure what to post at first after the time skip, and then I was away for a week… but I’ll post today, I know what to do given the circumstances. Sorry again for a my lateness, though!
    Yeah, our battle is what I meant in my last post lol. I was going to post in it tonight, but after posting in the other two RPs I'm in I felt rather spent. I guess I'm not as used to writing as I used to be.
    Sorry I haven't posted in the vs thread lately. My family has decided to pretty much remodel the kitchen so we've all been busy with that. I'll get a post up tomorrow though!
    Sure, why not?

    I haven't been on the PlayStation Network in ages, but I will be soon enough.
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