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  • Your welcome. If ya need anything, just ask. I'm one click away. :)

    Lol I already posted and let's see where this goes.
    Glad to see a new rper and member. I must say, i'm impressed by how well you can write. Hope to see more and rp more together.

    Hey in the Akuma rp, would you mind if Noelle was the person that helps Raizo when he's knocked out the door?
    Well if you have a great imagination it also help too. XD
    Your welcome. I so can't wait.
    Oh I forgot to sa this, but the rp is up. Check out the sign ups and click the banner to get to true rp.
    Well actually I came up with the names and most of the sides and things. Sparks help with editing and geography. How I come up with the world. I was bored one day and was starting to draw. And one day I was thinking about stones and stuff. It got bigger and bigger and I made up the idea. Its a very long story lol
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