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Piercing Light
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  • Thank you for taking the time to read my memory post. Please let me know if I didn't portray Try in the manner you originally envisioned. At the bare minimum, I wanted to explain some comments i've made regarding "Helmet" in my older posts about knowing what its like to get hit by her on more than one occasion. ;)

    I've also sort of borrowed some of the gross exaggerations that are, at least from what I understand portrayed directly or implied from the other memories. Either way, please let me know if you have any comments or would want to know more about their dynamic! 😌
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    Piercing Light
    I haven't exactly put out a guide on how to write Try so I can't expect anyone to write her perfectly lol. Though I'll mention that Try isn't really 'dumb,' she just has a really low wisdom score. So she's prone to acting on her emotions and making rash decisions. Also the helmet unfortunately does not act as a screen, she'd probably just use it to project inappropriate stuff anyway.

    I like the two of them basically being each other's punching bags, it's a nice dynamic.
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    Wait a minute.
    First time i've seen you on here in some time. You still visit? This is the most stable i've been on the site in almost 3 years.
    I'm aware of the smoke demon lmao....why else would I say both demons?? Anyway you know I play NO games in battle.
    lol dude please. I'm not even going to get into it. If it doesn't work its because you'll do everything possible to screw it up. If need be I'll take on both demons myself. So do as you will.
    I'll post tonight or in the morning. The obvious battle between you and "yourself" is dull. If you'd like I'll provide an escape route for Doa.
    Yeah, I've just been in a rut. The Persona post had been a work of practically a month, to give you some perspective.
    Soon. Hopefully. I'll try and get to it tomorrow. Apologies for the delay.
    Quick question, I'm reading over the current posts for the Persona rp and can't quite piece together how high of an understanding everyone has over Personas and current events. I understand that everyone is part of a club right now investigating the deaths in the lake, but I can't say I understand what everyone is up to.
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