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  • I think Sazh's hair smells bad anyways considering he killed himself and such. And the fact that no one in RPGs shower mid-game ^^

    I'm trying, but it's acting dumb. And is MSN like no more now?
    Oh. Same thing with long hair. My hair grows so fast, it's a pain. But girls brushing my hair is always a nice trade-off, I suppose. Still, in the summer, it sticks to the back of my neck. Did you have a chocobo on your hair?

    My Skype is acting like you when you need to post, slow ^^'
    Just wanting to clarify: Larissa's not on the boat so it can be assumed she's on the streets of Manhattan. Is that right?
    Of course. Perhaps not in real time, but we'll certainly be following what you do in relation to the scoring/milestone activities.
    Well it was sorta implied in my previous post, as Soujuu asked Roy to start looking for your two characters and he replied with "Moving now". I was gonna post as Royin my next post, when there's something more for him to do, as I don't really want to do a post of him just wondering around, really.

    But he is sorta just wondering around, but not aimlessly. He's tryna hunt yo fools dooooooooown.

    I'll edit my post so it's more clear that Roy is on the move.

    Edit: Yeah, I added a sentence to the end stating Roy is actively pursuing them, is that cool? If it needs more clarification, I'll have to add that at a later time, I have to babysit right now.
    Hey, I just wanted to check, I'd seen your "solace in night" rp thread, sign ups are over, right? Because I saw the board earlier today and was going to join..?
    Hi :) Before I post in Keyblade War, were you planning on having Pepper come down at all before Darien does anything else?
    Yeah, it's almost done. So, you'll be able to check it out when it's posted, which could be in the next few hours if sleep doesn't get in the way.

    and I swear, my mind is in thinking mode. already finished two of my characters for it. Though, that's only half of the characters I plan on making. xD
    Yeah, so was I.

    and it was simple, but not too simple. Not to mention, the Star Wars elements really made it stand out imho.

    Oh, if you're curious, I got inspired by re-reading through Solace to make my own, which I've spent the last few days working on.
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