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  • I know. The BbS battle system looks awesome.
    And the 3DS is going to be a huge improvement from what I have.
    I have the very first DS that ever came out and it still works.
    Yay! When I beat BBS I'll have another game to play right afterwards. :D
    But then again I'll probably play them in the same range because they're on two different systems. :/
    xDDD I've never done that before. A new experience time! :D
    late summer/fall will be fun for all kingdom hearts fans. :)
    It does look amazing.
    But I'm not sure about Ocarina of Time either... I already had it for Super Nintendo, and when that broke I got it for Gamecube. I don't think my mom would let me get another one... If I do decide on getting it though, I'll have to give her the pleading eyes. :D They always work.
    Animal Crossing never gets old! It's so addicting.
    Nitendo has alot of games I want to get... including KH Re:Coded.
    Has there been a release year marked for that game yet?
    Ohhh that's why it looks so familar.
    Kid Icarus: Uprising looks awesome. Now I need to get the 3DS for two games. :D
    Hehe and Zelda: Skyward Sword is coming out in early 2011... I need to get my wii fixed before then...
    *Counts money*
    I need to get a job. lol.
    Aw I didn't get to see the trailer, but it sounds hilarious.
    I have one question though...
    what's your avatar picture from?
    It looks familar.
    Yeah I was watching it online.
    I REALLY need to get 3DS when KH: 3D comes out.
    The new games just keep coming. Yay!
    Oh the 3ds? I haven't seen what it looks like yet...
    *Searches on google*
    AWESOME! :) I agree.
    Indeed. Days' graphics weren't the best.
    Maybe because it was on DS, but eh.
    I also liked Re:CoM's graphics.
    I don't know it kind of looked fuzzy and cool.
    Well it's always good to watch some BbS and Re:Coded trailers!
    That would make day complete.
    Wait... they're making a Re:Coded? :O
    Ohhh. Awesome. Yeah i really don't know what's up right now with me either. Don't really know what to do. I'm kind of new to this place.
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