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  • Hey, I just finished a critique for your work, The Author is Dead. It's a good story. Not sure how long it was up at the request thread, so just a reminder for you now that it's finished :)
    Glad you enjoy it. And thank you for answering my question it helps a lot with pointers like that. So yup thank you ^_^ and now I understand how it works with the commas guess I should refer them to Fanboys instead XD
    I have a question which I hope you don't mind answering. So here's my question. Should I be adding a coma to but, like this everytime or not? Or is it not always necessary to do so? And I also wanted to tell you thank you for critiquing my first chapter which now makes lots more sense to add comas and such.
    Would you like to do another critique for the thread? To try again and stuff?
    Just take your time and all that with it if you do. Let me know which one you're picking and all that as well.
    Oh and for your question:
    I mean like, separate what you're talking about and your critique yes.
    Like... here.

    It makes eeeeverything easier to read. You get used to messing with the format. Try looking at like, Dawninmyheart's work in the finished critiques.
    I'm gonna let you join the critique team. Just letting you know. If you want to do more, just tell me which one and when you're done. =w= Thank you~.
    My mom's had it for around 30 years. It's killing her centeral nervous system so badly that she constantly shakes when she stands and needs help almost all the time to get from one room to another.
    She's deathly allergic to it. That's how.

    That sucks. We can't go camping anymore cause my mom has MS and she can't really even walk anymore.
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