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  • Sorry for the really late reply in fine thx hw r u? And Sara is the nickname do you hve a nickname i could call u?

    Yep, this forum is all about meeting some people like you and others in clubs. :D
    Oh, Sea-Salt Ice Cream!! :O *grab one and starts to munch on it* Cheers to our new friendship!!
    Yay!! :D *hugs you*

    Oh, I so completely agree with this statement! In fact, after a few days of trying to leave the forum, I gave up and just stayed on as much as I could, rofl. xD
    You're welcome, Roxaven! :D

    Good! :3 everybody's nice, but sometimes they just randomly disappear without me knowing it until it was too late.. rofl. xP
    Hi, I'm Roxie. :D Pleased to meet you; if you need any kind of help or questions to answer, I'll do that! :D

    Also, if you like, you can hang out at my club in the fanclub by the name of Roxie's Fanclub!!~ You'll like everybody there, I promise! :)
    Hello, I'm a half blind fellower of Jesus ready for fun love, and lols. Be warned if you want to be my friend I will drive you nuts, and I have a bit of a temper, but hey everyone has there flaws. Wanna hang?
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