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  • I was expecting them to add another Iron Prisoner honestly in this verison.
    I personally don't like using status effect moves like, Magnet, Zero Gravity, Sleep, Stop, Mine Square, Blackout or Thunder Surge (it stuns you).
    Sure it would be fine with me :D
    Cyber's gotten better than last time, but this is me we're talking about so he's still going down.
    Sadly yes a lot of people have cheated to beat him :<
    I shall be one of the first to beat Armor'd Eraqus, I will guarantee that or at least beat him before Cyber.
    YouTube - Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Mysterious Figure Battle Terra Critical Mode VICTORY
    It's pretty sad actually...

    That wouldn't be a half bad idea honestly, what with the keyblades I mean.
    It seems like it yes, but I wouldn't be surprised if he shows up as a world on his own and is an additional boss in MA as well.
    I don't know anything I'm just speculating.
    Turns out someone finally posted a video of Terra beating MF on Critical but he's lvl 99 which kinda makes me sad considering I was lvl 48
    I have no clue about Eraqus and where exactly you fight him.
    Chances are he'll be in the Additional secret episode or something, I dunno.
    But yeah FM's have NA voices with Japanese text.
    No Name is the equivalent of Void Gear in Magic.
    So think about it like
    Void Gear = All around best Attack keyblade for all 3
    No Name = All around best Magic for all 3 honestly it's the best for Aqua
    Hey. :p

    Kinda, but I'm mostly waiting for the English version to come out, haha.

    I like using Terra more than Ven now, though.
    I don't roll with any crowd.
    I stay inside.
    And smoke.
    And watch Anime.
    Like now.
    Not saying you're a bad guy.
    Just some of your mannerisms are strange.
    Gang-banger type of guys...That's unfortunate.
    Where are you from?
    Nah, when I hug women, I touch their asses purposefully, haha.
    Have you ever tried to 'get with' her?
    Is she hot in an overall sense? o.o''
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