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  • Understandable. I just got back into rping on KHI lately. This place will always be my qoute unqoute Home. Just nice to see ya joining up. Haven't rped with you in a while.

    Also..flattering to know you took something from me. :D
    Haha that and mastering Kat.

    I know right? I finally figured out how to make a monster bass.
    You need skype, its all I use these days, you can't rely on me to use facebook man ain't nobody got time for that xD.
    nostalgia month!

    This is the very first username i joined the site with back in 05.
    stickied that Daily Exercise thread
    I'll try to post as frequently as possible, but you know i'm good on activity when I'm backing you up xD
    I've wanted to be apart of Staff since Hokage became my favorite mod "Hokage bin Salsa" when I first joined in 05.
    There was a rule about it that I observed for years, "You don't ask, you get asked." sure enough I never did and here I am xD.
    knowing Eric, he'd probably use Gravity Rush's KAT as a backdrop lmao.
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