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  • Now then. In one final attempt to drop this argument since it's basically fallen to just you reposting your first few posts now I'll be making use of this:

    This magical option makes it so I can't see anything your post or that your even existent. If I can't see I can't be drug into your cycle of an argument.

    Now then have a nice day. I know from now on I will~ =u=
    Since I doubt you'll be back in thread again:

    It's no longer fun because you fail to realize your wrong and you refuse to let it go like some sort of depraved fan hell bent on throwing Star Wars in there. There is no talking with you, there is no reasoning with you because your to damn stubborn to admit your faults here.

    The war DOES matter and always WILL matter because it is motherdiddlying STAR WARS. You've been debunked repeatedly and just repeat the same damn things over and over trying to hold onto your argument which you can't win.
    I've even offered creative alternate ways Star Wars could be added in but you ignore them in favor of arguing because your unable to admit you can't win from the angle of just throwing the series in.

    That is why I'm done. Because there is no way to end it peacefully with the foolishly stubborn.
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