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  • i've been good. noming on insane amounts of sugar since hallow eve. :p

    tis good to hear from somebody.. XD i've been thinking i've been forgotten... XD
    Ranulf is the best. All of you who disagree whill die. When you die, i'll come and drag you out of hell and kill you again.
    I had no costume!!! I was going to dress up as a made up Organiztion XII member/vampire. I had red eye contacts and awesome fangs, fake blood, and was going to order the black cloak and get the rest of the Organizationy attire. Then my eye doctor said that the contacts weren't safe unless I paid for a $140 examination, I lost my fangs, and shipping alone for the black cloak cost $50 because they were all from Japan. So yeah I just stayed home and watched scary shows, had a buch of sugar, and passed out candy to the little peoples. Actually it was one of my better Halloweens. It's so cute when you give the little kids candy and they go 'thank you!' either really shy or really happy. I just wanted to go- *hug*'You're welcome little peoples!!! You are sooo welcome! Now go and enjoy your sugary goodness!' But I guess that's because I had so much sugar... lol. A pretty satisfying night..... How about you?
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