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  • So, that's why you got angry? Haha, I still don't get why you would get so irritated.

    At least you are helping, that's something isn't it?
    What for though? What made you so angry that you had to do that?

    Haha, you could go ahead and help them! It's not that hard...
    Wow, you must have been very angry to have done such a thing! Or, maybe you just kick very hard... xD

    Haha, you really think it was your influence, that people started getting portables? lol
    How did it happen anyways? Where you running or something?

    Portables are simple that's why! You should so share with the other people. haha xD
    Then, what can you do then? They make you do drill even with injuries? :O

    You can play video games though?
    Oh man, total respect for you. I don't think I would ever be able to do that on a daily basis. It sounds like you gotta be in shape. lol

    What do you mean, they suffer more than you do? Do they not know how to pass the time?
    By proper start, that means? Like exercising? Or just being on patrol or something?

    I'm sure your very creative if you don't get so bored out of your mind. xD
    How can you stand it? I would get so bored!! You also probably have to get up early, huh?
    Ah, so you been there then. How do you entertain yourself?

    You should like try and ride one. lol jk
    Okay, okay. We can drop the subject if you want. xD

    This is month 1?

    I'm guessing that is the first time you seen them up close?
    Oh, it was my fault. I should have gotten the idea that you didn't want to share since you where being all secretive. xD

    How long are you there for?

    Well now I know where I can go and junk.
    I don't know what you are trying to say. I'm guessing you are trying to say it wasn't appropriate?

    Hmm, you would think it would be clean at least. xD

    I'm not trying to force anything out of you, I was just a little curious is all.
    Hmm, like what? Explain! :O

    That sounds uh, suckish. Either way, you know what you where getting yourself into, huh?

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