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Sugar Rush
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  • U KIDDING ME! this roleplay is nothing but dead.... this just started and most importantly.... just keep up with it, don't worry...if you have any problems... ask me or Sol
    ....well i know this might sound confusing, but Sol just started the new Arch, or chapter, so you can start posting again... and yea don't forget the whole # of posts per day...
    i guess when Sol officially calls it closed, but i think we got alot to work with if we finish right now :D so just wait until Sol comes back on
    ....aiight i kinda didn't really want others to post after mine...seeing as the Arch ended but it's all good i guess, just don't post again..
    It's no big deal, me and Dy messed up on a post so bad we had to stop the rp for a couple of hours till we could fix it.
    yup, oh but in ya post, Sahara and shara are two diffrent people, lol there names aer just spelled almsot alike, oh and they got to the base already ;D.
    I already do, if ya wanna see him just check out my album secrests and lies arc, it's the next arc in the rp.
    Tha'ts cool ya, I wanted to talk to ya since I can't in the rp yet, monster attack, other oc dead. :D
    I wouldn't beat yourself up over it,
    I've been sig making for about a year now, and im still not as great as I can be,
    I still say some of my works suck
    I guess what im trying to say is never give up
    I'll check. If it is I'll try to redo my post. I had to post quickly yesterday and I didn't read everything as well as I should of. Thanks for telling me. :)
    mmm, I'll post on the OC thread to tell everyone. It's not rude to post here, by all means it's easier than Private messaging :)
    hey ther triplehearts.
    Just lettin ya know that your sigs are waiting for you to collect at wishing star!
    The link is in my sig...
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