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  • Hey wicked-sama.
    If you wanted we could have some sort of confliction between Jobii and Chris.
    It wouldn't have to be anything based from their pasts or anything or it could be but hey your call.
    If your up for it just VM or PM me.
    Wicked, I know you haven't been online and that you are in a play right now but can you please post in Alice RP. ^^
    You better love me long time ;P
    LMAO!! I have planned to go when it comes out since the first time a preiview aired in my presence. You'll see it dude, just be glad you technically can't be spoiled since you read the books! :D

    Thx! Don't feel pressured to lol, it's cool :) Sucks tho, this is first year spring break isn't the same week as my b-day, so I not only have school, but an exam on my birthday ><
    Nice! March, best month of the year dude! My b-day is at the end, the 30th. Nice!!! It comes out the 5th for us! And I am seeing it the 5th!! Cant wait!!!!!!!!!! :D

    lol Party!!! XD have a great time dude! Enjoy turning 18!!!
    Nice! Timezones may mess us up here, so whats the date of ur b-day so I know when to wish u a good one? XD

    Hope you have a blast at yo party!!! Dont drink and drive, dont do drugs XD
    Chyeah!! My brain is so dead right now tho XD

    Umm, waiting for next FMA epi to get put up on funimation (another site I used to use has it subbed, but its a sketchy site so I dont actually watch them there XD)
    And I have exams soon, but gonna wing them lol.

    Stress most likely lol. But...2 more days, than a week off. I'll rest up and recover from insomnia, then when I get back will be in great shape!! :D
    Awww :/ U'r probably gone by now then T_T

    Idk, actually. Just lay down to sleep, and I dont sleep :/ I'm sure relaxing over break next week will help...
    lol Uni tends to do that XD But its all worth it.

    Mine was ok, but I officially have insomnia now and not sure how to get rid of it :/
    Great to hear! Thats good thing about Uni, ur usually in class with ppl with similar goals and interests ^^;;

    Ah, I see. I think they proposed doing that at my HS awhile back. We get week off in november, 2 weeks at end of year, week off in march, and like 2-3 months off for middle of year.

    Chyeah!! You will love it!!

    So how is ur weekend going?
    Nice! I am sure ur Uni experience will be great! Meet any cool people?

    lol Its just an entire week off from school, like a mini vacation from students. Ur schools never had a Spring Break?

    New epi of FMA out!! Getting close to the manga!!! :D
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