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  • My week has been hellish, full of all-nighters and the works. But brightside, its the weekend now. Means I get to rest up!! And after next week, Spring Break!!

    How was ur week?
    lol why thank you!

    haha true, cuz when u get frustrated, u just demolish it all and start over XD

    CHYEAH!! Bashing keyboard ftw XD I stared at FRIKINADHFF for a couple minutes till I realized it was not a word XD Aww insomnia...
    lol why thank you :) Hope I can do it.

    Cool! And thats great, deff be sure to not surpress ur 'creative juices'!! lol my method to unleash my imagination was always playing with legos XD not as productive as urs, but ya know, I tried XD

    I have seen two official ones, first one being vague but the second one showing tons about the plot. Epicness ^^;;
    lol I am now XD If I get to do what I enjoy in life, helping ppl, then it will be worth it to me :)

    Nice!! Very glad ur getting tons out of this class! And a director huh? That would be a great job! Since when have u wanted to try directing?

    Nice! Have fun dood ^^;;
    Oi!! Did u see the 2nd Alice in Wonderland trailer? Just say it, so epic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Nice! That actually seems like a very interesting career! Hope she does well ^^;;. Yes, you get paid a lot, but it means spending most of the first three decades of my life in school. Yay? XD

    Cool cool. What will u be doing on normal days? Like, what kinda class is it?
    Nice, I still need to find out where I want to go with Psych. Leaning towards going to medical school with it.

    lol Yay! Glad ur first day was epic!! Assuming this week has started out good for ya?
    Chyeah!! It's going to be uber epic!! Glad this movie is gonna have a bit from both books!! Although at same time, means there won't be two movies, tho I wont be complaining about what I get lol

    Nice! And yes, I am at the University of Florida right now, going for a degree in Psychology ^^;;. Thats great though! Glad ur pursueing ur dream!!
    That's part of why I chose Oz; even Alice in Wonderland has been used before, but never The Wizard of Oz.

    Much obliged, Wicked. I'll definitely keep that in mind.

    Oh, I know; I was just saying that when I finally make something new in the RP section, I'll let you know (if you haven't seen it by then).
    Thanks, haha; I'm glad you liked Oz so much, even though it was so short-lived.

    I've had a few stray ideas floating around, but never anything quite good enough to continue on.
    But if I do come up with something, you'll definitely be one of the first to know.
    Nice!! You are definitely a fan!! I loved the Scissorhands movie if that counts for anything XD (on that, cant wait for Alice in Wonderland ^^)

    Cool! Sweeny Todd!!! :D :D So like, is this a hobby or do you want to pursue this further in life?

    Yeah, but hey, college, drinking is easy XD
    Very much so!! Perfection! ^^;;

    It was magnificent!! What musicals have u seen?

    LOL Thats a bummer, but hey, u make sure to enjoy your birthday and ur earlier than mine drinking age XD
    Nice!! Deff well worth the effort, I assure you ^^;;

    No! Thats awesome!! I am roomie next year with a huge musical fan, he even hooke us up to see Avenue Q when it played down here! Best of luck! Or, break a leg, right? lol
    UR NEW AVVIE IS GREATNESS!!! :D Pride is epicness.

    I watch it on Funimation.com :D Love funimation, go Chris Sabat ^^;;

    New show? What it be?
    LOL Thats why XD its cool though. And does anyone have their head screwed on right? xD

    How was episode 44? :D have a chance to see it?

    Also, how is ur weekend going so far?
    lol well when u do, u will love it ^^;;

    Nice! Thats conveniant! Now, a dream of mine is to visit the great barrier reef...ever been?

    lol as we now know it did! :D
    So, how was ep 44? :D

    lol geez, that is pretty intense. U live close to the ocean?

    Really? I says ur on my list...try me, djquackquack91@yahoo.com
    Oh yeah. And when all else fails, youtube XD

    lol No worries, I know my SI units. 40C pretty hot!!

    Sent u request, I am on now just invisible. I like being ninja (-.(O.O)
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